Thursday, August 28, 2008


Since the Twilight series is all the rage, I decided that I would post some of my favorite things about the books... (And I have not finished Breaking Dawn yet - just so ya know). First of all, I am not claiming these books to be of high literary merit. However, I absolutely can NOT put them down. So today, I shall make some fairly shallow and probably non-brilliant observations...

Number One: The thing that has intrigued me most about these books is the insane amount of sexual tension that they create in the reader. I have been assured that this feeling is not just mine-ha! ha! (I was beginning to worry) -but I think it is interesting that Stephenie Meyer wrote a teen saga that involves almost NO sexual interaction at all. Perhaps, it is the lack of it that makes the reader desperate for some kind of physical contact. Even kissing is sparse in the first few books.
You know that the main characters are incredibly in love with each other, so you desperately want that kiss to happen. And, of course, there's also a love that is unrequited, which ratchets up the sexual tension even further. It's too bad this doesn't occur so much in books these days. . .or real life for that matter. Because--good night!--doesn't it heighten the expectation?!

Number Two: I like this theory of "imprinting" with the werewolves. Or the idea that in their world, it is possible to somehow come across one's soulmate and the two would both immediately know it...feel it...and bond for life. I think the hopeless romantic side of me thinks that this is a cool concept. It is like love at first sight - although it is literally soulmate at first sight.

Number Three: And then there were the cars... In my real life, I don't think I am impressed much by cars. In fact, I will likely drive my truck until the wheels fall off. But the fact that the hot vampires, as Tom Cruise said, "feel the need for speed," was rather exciting. I actually googled a Mercedes Guardian when I started book four (which does exist btw - although it's really called a Mercedes "Guard"). For those of you who are interested, Mrs. Meyer has photos of all the cars the bloodsuckers drive, on her website.

Therefore, if you are the hopeless romantic type who likes fantasy based in reality, then give 'em a try! I think you'll enjoy the read. Oh! and the movie has been moved up to Nov. 21st. Just in time for my birthday. (kinda :-)

P.S. I made the mistake of asking my husband to read this post and he became entranced by the car photos. Thirty minutes later, I said, "What on earth are you still looking at?" With a crazed fire in his eyes, he calmly said that he was calculating payments on a Ferarri!!! As if!!!! Ha! ha! I died laughing. And then I checked his eyes again to make sure he wasn't a Vampire.


Hardygirl said...

I've gotta say, I'm just not a fan of the whole Twilight saga. It's just not my thing. AT ALL.

I could go on and on spouting why it's not my thing, but I don't want to be negative (especially about someone else's books). Besides, what do I know? How many zillions of copies of books has Stephanie Meyer sold?

Am I missing something???


Katie said...
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Katie said...

Heh Heh Heh. SF,

I actually love that you don't like these books. It makes for good conversation. Ya wanna elaborate? oh wait - I think you said you did NOT want to elaborate.

Well, for me -- it is pure escapism. Like a great, easy beach read. But then again, I like fantasy - as long as it's based in reality. And I know you usually do not.

Were you able to actually finish the first one?

Hardygirl said...

I did finish the first one. I'm a "finisher", remember? I even finished "Twenty-Seven Dresses"--oh wait, I wasn't going to be negative. . .

I don't mind escapism or beach reads--I just don't want to be reading a book that compels me to throw it across the room.

Enough. I'm trying to be nice, here.

Katie said...

You're cracking me up :-)

Christy Raedeke said...

Katie - I loved reading your comments on the Twilight books because I, like SF, am on the other side of the fence on them. But I'm NOT a "finisher" so I've wondered what it is about these books that was so magical. In that regard, your post was illuminating. I guess it all comes down to storytelling – no matter how mediocre the writing, if you’re a great storyteller people will love the book.

Katie said...

Oh no. Help me people! I need some Twilight lovers. Where are y'all??

ha! ha!

At least I know from book sales that I am not alone :-)

Maybe it's just me and ten million teenagers? No wonder I'm having so much fun writing my new teen book!

Jeannie said...

You take after your mother! What can I say? A child (or teenager) at heart! It certainly keeps you your young and vibrant self!

mimi said...

I just finished Eclipse this morning, so I guess that means I'm heading to Square Books Jr. to plunk down another 20 bucks toward Stephanie Meyer's vampire empire. Like you, I know there is not a lot of literary merit involved and I think she might be the first to admit that she's the John Grisham of the YA world but geesh, she's a good story teller and that's what pulls me along. Eclipse was a bit lacking compared with Twilight so I'm hoping the next book gets down to business. I'm tired of Bella being so weak. She needs to start kicking some butt! I also think Meyer is does pretty well with dialogue and character development and anyone who can weave a story that it makes you want to run out and date a vampire or werewolf has earned her 20 bucks!

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