Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beach Bummed

Pretty day, huh?

So here we are for a week at the beach and the forecast for the next six days goes something like this:  scattered storms, thunder, lightening, more storms, gigantic waves, red warning flags on the beach, clouds so thick and gray that the sun cannot possibly peer through, more thunderstorms . . .

And, our lovely, spacious condo is going to get really small.

But, here's what's good:
1.  I am lying in bed facing a huge picture window that looks out over the ocean (and only one of my children is in here right now--this counts as bliss)
2.  Some good friends who have two girls are down here right now (good friends we haven't seen in about six years), and we are getting them together.   
3.  I got to a really good stopping place in my book revisions before I left home.  I'm going to take a break from it and work on some other stuff while I'm down here.
4.  I'm reading a very cool arc from a friend--stay tuned for an author interview.  This one will blow you away!
5.  We're at the BEACH!

Of course, the laundry beast somehow found me and followed me down here--Lila mentioned the beast in her post (incidentally, that exact Seinfeld episode was on last night).  Surely someone can come up with disposable clothes and towels for vacations?  I mean, I know that's not very "green" but mama needs a break.  Maybe a laundry lesson for the kiddos is on our activity list for the week.  I know.  I'm such a fun mom.  I'm going to break out the multiplication table flash cards later today.



Katie said...

Laundry, Flash Cards, Rain? What an awesome time! At least you have wireless!!

Don't worry, I'll call you and tell you funny stories from Oxford.

Naw - actually just smelling the salt air will do you good :)

I can't wait to get down there! Rain or not.

Lisa and Laura said...

I love that you're breaking out the flash cards on vacay. Sorry the laundry beast followed you to the beach, but I'm totally with you on teaching the kids to load up the washing's never too you...

Have a fab long weekend!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! Ha! Sorry to laugh at your misery, but it was a hilarious post :)

Solvang Sherrie said...

Hmm, beach or no beach, I think I'm going to teach the kids laundry. The perfect family activity this summer! At least maybe they won't be so quick to toss something they had on for like five minutes!

Anne Spollen said...

Let the kids feed the washer, then play music to see how much you can get folded before the song ends.

Still --- you're at the beach!

Irene Latham said...

Awww. wishing you SUNSHINE!! At least you don't have a dirty kitchen floor staring at you...

Katie said...

Oh Irene. I have the dirty kitchen floor! AND I love Anne's idea.

PurpleClover said...

I'll have you know, for our first anniversary we went to Key Largo and there were thunder and lightning storms the entire time. We were soooo bummed. But we got to see some of the awesomest lightning storms over the water (phenomenal if you really sit and appreciate it). By the time the trip was over and we came back we felt (and still do to this day eight years later) that it was one of the best vacations we've ever had. We spent it together, we were forced to relax, and we had stories to tell.

YOU WILL look back at this vaca and really appreciate it!!!

Hardygirl said...

Well, with all of my whining--today has been the most gorgeous day ever!!!


Little Ms J said...

Hiss. Multiplication flash cards? My skin is boiling.

I do, however, think that teaching your kiddos to do laundry is a fantabulous idea. When they're done will they come over and teach my husband?

Hardygirl said...

I feel that I must report that I have not yet pulled out the flash cards, but they have been great to use as a threat.

The laundry lessons were a total flop. I think they messed it all up on purpose so they wouldn't have to do the deed. Sneaky.


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