Saturday, March 27, 2010

Irene Latham visits!

This past week, SF and I got to have dinner with our buddy Irene Latham after her signing at Square Books, Jr.

I'm telling you what, it's always a pleasure to have our writer friends come through Oxford but to get to eat with them and spend time talking about writing is just the\ cherry on top! Thanks Irene for delaying your drive a couple of hours to visit with us.

Although we haven't read it, we have been counting the days until we could get our hands on Irene's new MG historical fiction, LEAVING GEE'S BEND.

"Mama always said every quilt tells a story. Every piece of cloth, every stitch and every bit of cotton
stuffed between the seams tells a secret about the one who made the quilt."
- Ludelphia Bennett
Ludelphia Bennett may be blind in one eye, but that doesn't mean she can't put in a good stitch. In fact, Ludelphia sews all the time, especially when things are going wrong. But when Mama gets deathly ill, it doesn't seem like even quilting will help. Mama needs medicine badly - medicine that can only be found in Camden, over forty miles away. That's when Ludelphia decides to do something drastic - leave Gee's Bend.

Beyond the log cabins, orange dirt, and cotton fields of her small sharecropping community, Ludelphia discovers a world she could never have imagined. Fancy houses, cars, and even soda pop! But there's also danger lurking for a young girl on her own, and Ludelphia begins to wonder if she'll ever see Gee's Bend or her Mama again. Despite the twists and turns, Ludelphia weathers each challenge in a way that would make her mama proud, and may even save the day not just for Mama, but her entire town.

Set in 1932 and inspired by the rich quilting history of Gee's bend, Alabama, LEAVING GEE'S BEND is a heart-touching tale of a young girl's unexpected adventure.

This sounds like an amazing book, and it's gotten incredible reviews. We can't wait to read it! And, if you truly want to be inspired (and humbled), go check out Irene's wonderful blog. Scroll through and read some of the stories of her school, bookstore, and quilting group visits. Um, Irene? Do you ever get to, you know, sleep??

Thanks for being such an inspiration!

katie and sf


StableGranny said...

Y'all are in for a treat, wonderful book

Solvang Sherrie said...

Another great book I've heard a lot about! And what fun to spend time with a writer friend.

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

LOVE the concept of the book!
Lindsey Petersen

Christina Lee said...

WOW that sounds AMAZING!!!

Irene Latham said...

I have to mention the kids...2 of whom belong to SF. They were THE BEST. They were out putting bookmarks on windshields. And swinging around my poster while shouting out invites! Every introvert-author's dream... SF and Katie, I promise to return the favor when y'all come to Bham with YOUR books. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Fellow writer popping in to say hi!

Graeme Stone said...

Quilts! Oh how I love quilts! I still have the one my grandmother made for me, but the one my mother made is falling apart. My newest idea is to cut out a large corner that's still intact and frame it. Reading about this book makes me want to get closer to quilting and read it. Thanks for posting gals.

Gail said...

Believe me when I tell you that Irene's book is captivating! I read it while my mom was in the hospital and having surgery. I couldn't put the book down and that's saying something when it can keep you from worrying while a loved one has surgery!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

You two girls know EVERYBODY!!! How fun to listen to Irene speak! Lucky Ducks! :-)

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