Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eyelash Trauma

When Katie called me panicking about her eyelash trauma the other day, I first told her that there was some sort of new prescription cream that causes eyelashes to grow. Since I love a good "guinea pig" to try things out before I waste my own money, I encouraged her to try it out (actually, that's one product I think I'll skip--something brand spankin' new and prescription that you use that close to your eye scares me a little). I did assure her that eyelashes do grow back--just like any other hairs that you pluck.

Then, I shared my own eyelash story with her. When I was four or five years old, I had eyelashes that most women would kill for. And, I got sick of my mother's friends coming up to me and goo-gooing over my lush lashes. So . . . one day, I took a pair of scissors and cut off all of my eyelashes on my right eye. My mother busted me before I got to the left one.

Poor mom went absolutely crazy. She grabbed the nearest magazine, shoved it in my face, and said, "Because of what you have done, you will never look like her!".

Of course, since all I cared about was football and digging up worms, I was thrilled with her prognosis for my future. I told her that I was glad that I would never look like that ugly woman and proceeded to take a black ballpoint pen and draw devil horns and a mustache on the cover girl.

I can't believe that Katie is out of town, and I won't be able to witness her dreaded "bald eye". I'm sure that she will still look like the cover girl that she is, with or without the heated eyelash curler (I think I'll skip out on that one, too--one slip of the wrist and it's barbecued eyeballs). We are going to miss each other--she comes back this weekend just as I'm leaving for two weeks in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I checked the weather this morning--seventies during the day and forties at night. Bliss.



PurpleClover said...

ooh let me know how it goes! I was thinking about this stuff, but i too prefer guinea pigs to try it out first. i like something to be on the market about 5 years

i did read something that azithromycin (I think that is the one) antibiotic can permanently correct eyelashes that curl under/inwards. I was placed on it once and till this day I've never had my eyelashes curl under/inward like I did before i took it. wierd!

Lisa and Laura said...

I think I would cry if one of my kids cut off their eyelashes. They both have eyelashes like paintbrushes and it would make me so sad to see them go!

You guys are quite the travelers in the summer months. Love it! Enjoy the trip!

My word veri is ashold. Nice.

Kimberly Derting said...

When I was a preteen I "trimmed" mine once when they were brushing against my sunglasses. That may have been the beginning of my weird mascara obsession. ;)

And only the best kind of friends wish they could witness that sort of must really love her!!!

Katie said...

Oh how I miss my SF!!!!!!! I laughed out loud at BBQ'd eyeballs!

And to make mattahs worse, I have no cell service out here in the countreh.

(can y'all read my accent?)

Anywho dahlins, I'll be back soon and SF, I'll call you from the road :-)

P-Clo, can you and your sis and Lila puh leeeese come to LA with me and Kim and SF? Not to mention the other 15 fabbies that will be there?!

Hardygirl said...

Yes, P-Clo. Katie must try that stuff out for us. Fascinating about the antibiotic--how does it do that??

Lila--I would too. Especially my middle one. Luckily I've warned her about how broken-hearted I would be, so I don't think she'll be whipping out the nail scissors. Plus, she's a girly girl.

Kimberly--so funny. One of my friends in Jr. High claimed to have "accidentally" trimmed hers when she was cutting her bangs. Very suspicious.

Katie--miss you too! L.A. is going to be like a reunion for us!!


Christy Raedeke said...

My cousin uses the eyelash cream stuff and it's INCREDIBLE. It works freakishly well but costs like $130 a tube. (

SF, have a great time in Colorado! And Katie, we NEED pix!

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