Saturday, July 11, 2009


Finally, I am getting some good pre-teen fodder for my books!

Kate had six girls over recently - and as they were all getting ready to go to the big Double Decker Arts Fest, I noticed they received a bunch of early a.m. texts. Discussion immediately ensued as to whether or not they wanted to walk with "them?"

"What's going on? who wants to walk with Y'all?" I asked, assuming it must be some other girls."

"Just Larry, Moe and Curly." (names have been changed to protect the adorable.)

"Sounds fun." I said.

"We don't want to walk with them."

I looked at her curiously.

"They'll want to talk?!" she explained.

I was confused. Who wouldn't want to walk, or talk with Larry, Moe or Curly?

"We want to SHOP!" explained Girl number 7. Apparently "shopping" trumps talking at this age.

"They just want to be near you, Sillies." I told them.

"Whatever..." they said with faces that indicated total boredom with the idea.

"Maybe you could let them carry your purses," I suggested. (totally kidding)

Later, I walked upstairs to see what was taking them so long. Apparently not caring so much about boys still requires a LOT of primping :-)

P.S. My new eyelash curler sucks big time. We shall see, but I might go back to the old kind.

P.P.S. I take that back. I have just replaced the battery and now I think it might be rather cool. I need to post pics.


Graeme Stone said...


You've got a goldmine there. I so long to visit you guys (oops, I mean ya'll, see, even my Southern is slipping I've been away so long!) in the South just to listen to what your kids have to say.

Kimberly Derting said...

I always eavesdrop on my oldest daughter has recognized her own comments in my books several times. My son's probably afraid to even talk around me anymore.

Oh, and more about the eyelash's on my shopping list. Is this the heated one???

Katie said...

Kim, I have changed my mind. It is quite cool. I just needed a new battery. I'll post about it.

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