Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Never-ending Pizza Dilemma

Ordering pizza at my house is a nightmare. Is it at yours? This is what happens at our house weekly.

Husband: Let's order pizza!

Katie: Gross. (I ate it every day, every meal, throughout my entire first pregnancy and have since been able to only eat it about once a month.

Chicken Big: Only if it's thin cheese.

Katie: Okay. I'll eat thin cheese IF it's from Pizza Hut.

Chicken Big: No. I want Dominos.

Husband: Yeah, Dominos. But, I want regular crust with pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms.

Katie: So if we go to Dominos, we'll get Daddy one like that and the girls can get a thin cheese.

Chicken Little: NO. I want THICK cheese. With cheese filled crust.

Katie: Wait. (Thinking hubby can get half of his and Chicken Little can get the other like she wants) Chicken Little? Can you eat regular crust with cheese?

Chick Little: If it's stuffed. Or a P zone from Pizza Hut.

Chick Big: Ooo! Can we get cheesy bread too?

Katie: getting frazzled and freaking out. No! No, cheesy bread

Chick Big: Why? It's free?

Katie: (has no idea what to do) I want thin cheese with green peppers perhaps? Or jalapeno peppers? And it must come from Pizza Hut.

Chicken Big: Mom, if you get that, our pizza will be disgusting.

Chicken Little: I thought we were getting Dominoes?

I have literally transcribed this conversation word for word until Chicken Little freaked out and gave a tirade as to why her flavor should be allowed. Apparently she has been forced to eat pizza at every friend's house she has visited the entire winter and now wants to be able to choose what she really wants. Now I must quit typing and figure out what to order. I'll let you know.

Oh, and stay tuned for sf's Barbie saga on Monday. I've been told that a little wooden man has entered into the story . . .



jessjordan said...

This stresses me out and is precisely why there should be less pizza options. Or more personal-sized options.

storyqueen said...

Kids are so weird. I mean, when I was a kid, I would have gladly eaten a pizza made from a shoebox! (My mom actually made spam pizza....I never knew what a pepperoni was until I grew up..)

and now I have these kids who are PICKY about their pizza, too!

What gives?


Solvang Sherrie said...

Ha! Sounds like my house! I'm a vegetarian living with a bunch of carnivores :)

Haddock said...

Like that dialogue

Lisa and Laura said...

Ooh, we are pizza soulmates. I love a good thin crust green pepper. And I'm sort of dying to try the new domino's pizza but there isn't one near us. Bummer.

Little Ms J said...

I am googling the closest Dominos. Mr. J is out of town, I just got back and I can get whatever greasy goodness my little heart desires. No arguing over meats and toppings.


Little Ms J said...

Just FYI - Merri put my order in the oven two minutes ago. Have you seen their online tracker? A.Mazing.

Little Ms J said...

Update. James just left the store with my cheese pizza, Cinnastix and Coke.

Katie said...

Good one Jess!

Shelley - the problem is that they are fed pizza almost everyday at every event, slumber party and dance class that they go to - and kids now are busy busy bees, always on the go. They're sick of it. When we were kids it was a fun treat.

Sherrie - that's me - the wanna-be veggie with the meat loving spouse.

Thanks Haddock!

Lila - wanna come over and order some? We can talk books.

JEANETTE! These comments cracked me up! I had no idea you could track your pizza?! Thanks for tracking yours with us :-) so fun!

Kim Harrington said...

That pizza picture is making me drool!

Gail said...

I'm a vegetarian, not just with pizza! Mushrooms, bell pepper, onions, olives, chopped tomatoes, artichokes- any or all of the above!!!

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