Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vicious Film Festival

This past weekend was our town's annual Film Festival. I love indie films, and it is so much fun to hang around with all of the great people involved with the film festival from the organizers to the filmmakers. Unfortunately, my children do not allow us to go "whole hog" and watch every minute of the festival (you know, twelve hours straight sitting in a darkened room with sprees and popcorn--ah, woulda been bliss!). But, the kiddos need things like food and water and they have soccer practice and birthday parties. And, a babysitter for the ENTIRE weekend would just be nuts.

So, we asked some people in the know which films were ones not to miss and we watched those; plus, we took our children to some kid friendly screenings that our public library hosted in conjunction with the festival.

I think next year, we need to send our children to their grandmother's and do the WHOLE festival--hubby and I will both wear all black and stand outside the theatre smoking little cigarettes. You know, just so we can fit in.

Speaking of cigarettes . . .

The Vicious Kind was our favorite movie of the weekend. It was gritty, funny, and beautifully shot. And, the cigs in the movie made for some super cool camera shots. I'm not a smoker, but I have to say that I miss smoking in movies--watching the smoke trail up and off the screen. Remember Bogie in Casablanca?? Yum.

And, how about our buddy Bill Cochran's Super Bowl Ad? Too funny!!

Happy Tuesday!


Little Ms J said...

I can already tell that I'm going to love this movie, although I'd likely want to punch Caleb in the nose if he were real life.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I LOVED the whale commercial! It was one of my favorites, right behind Betty White playing football and the Denny's chicken commercials. :-)

Robin said...

That movie trailer looks fabulous! I've seen that actor in other stuff--he's great!!!

And Bill's commercial rocked!

Lisa and Laura said...

This looks like my kind of movie. I love Adam Scott. Can't wait to see this! Hope it comes to our local indie theater.

Kelly H-Y said...

Wow ... what a cool event!

Christina Lee said...

yeah, the film festival was a whole weekend event we did too--before kids :) Glad you could do part of it! We got to get ourselves out there again!

Katie said...

such a fun post! Yes - let's DO do the whole festival next year. I missed the whole thing this year but I always love it when it comes to town.

Will have to check this vicious movie out!

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