Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Katie...a force to be reckoned with.

For those of you who don't know much about politics, read: me -- our dear little Oxford has been chosen to host the first presidential debate! How cool is that?! The University of Mississippi Ford Center for the Performing Arts will be the venue. Due to the fact that this is such a huge election, and the first debate will discuss foreign policy, almost three thousand journalists are slated to come from all over the world. And they have already started shipping in their cameras and stuff. At least that's what it looks like.

Since I will not be fortunate enough to be one of the 300 non-press ticket holders who get to go to the actual event, I thought the closest I might get was to have my picture taken with the lovely cobra security guards pictured above. This proved quite a bit harder than you might expect. Let me explain . . .

I casually pulled up to the rear parking lot and asked if I could take a photo with them and all of that cool equipment. They laughed and said, "NO WAY! GET OFF THE PREMISES NOW!!!!" Ummm.... I repeated in my cutest voice, "What about, just a picture of those big white things?" Again they told me to leave immediately. Hmmm.... I decided to lay it on thick, "I am a children's book writer and I want to post a funny little thing about the debate on my blog." (not sure if they know what a blog is) They became downright angry. "NO!! NOW, MOVE YOUR CAR!!!"

Humph!! Obviously, they had no idea who they were dealing with. After a few brief phone calls, a short interrogation, and a likely background check, I had permission to take my ONE photo HA! And the previously unfriendly guards were REQUIRED to smile and be nice. As I posed with them, I had the distinct feeling that a satellite far above my head was honed in on me, lest I sneak more than ONE photo. Yikes! And to make matters worse, I later found out that I missed the secret service agent speak at my daughter's school about how they always fly the president's armored car to other countries if he is visiting. Dangit!!! Oh well. SF and I intend to keep you posted on all of the happenings around town during the week of the debate. And of course, when we run into celebrities, we'll take some pictures. (Notice, I said, "When" we run into celebs, not "if.")

Signing off....

If you are interested, here's a great rundown of some presidential activites at the University. Oh! And those white containers have something to do with electricity. I had to capture that photo kamikaze style while driving by. I'd make a fierce CIA agent, don't ya think?


Hardygirl said...

Okay, you could definitely "take" the one on your left. I mean, you can do "side crow" for heaven's sake!

This debate stuff is crazy fun! I can't wait to people watch--it's even rumored that Steven Colbert will be here broadcasting his show.

I'll have my camera ready, for sure!!


Katie said...

Yes - fun debate stuff! Yesterday I was talking to one of our friends who was telling me who she had heard was def. coming, and I wrote some down. Since I am a political dummy, I will have to google these peeps to see what they look like. Then I'll know' em when I see 'em.

Your buddy Colbert
John Stewart (also taping his show here)
Chris Matthews
Campbell Brown
Anderson Cooper
Brian Williams
John Meecham
Charles Gibson
George Stephanopoulas

I bet I've spelled half of those wrong. And I don't know how she knew this. I did hear from a reliable source that the national news is being broadcast from here both Thursday and Friday. Anywho, Mimes wants us to set up a tent with her nearby and "guerilla blog." HAHA She's funny.

Disco Mermaids said...

As a political junkie, I am so jealous. And I can't wait to read your reports of what's going on!

- Jay

Katie said...

Update: Just saw the new temporary Democratic headquarters. Not sure where the Republican one is?

Also the rear lot of the Ford center is now full time lit up with nightime floods and security so no undercover agents like myself can get in!

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