Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Power Plotting

I have the capacity to get into a project, like my novel, and feel this urgency to finish, finish, finish!! But, it's like my daughter playing soccer -- sometimes she is running so fast that, when she gets to the goal, she has blown right past it before she can slow down, refocus, and bomb her power kick into the goal. (She's beautiful to watch though.)

Yesterday I was talking to my writer friend Shelli, who I will be excited to see in Atlanta this weekend! She said that she wrote her first novel using the non-linear method in which I am currently working. However, it caused some problems with her plot. She just finished writing her second YA and found that it worked best to outline the whole book repeatedly, and keep this outline open as she wrote. She worked on the novel, and the outline simultaneously. She explains her process much better HERE. And trust me, it is worth reading, printing and possibly tatooing.

Our conversation made me stop my mad dash to the finish line, and re-examine my plot structure. Like I said before, I have all of the major plot points in place, and am now trying to fill in the empty spaces in between. So I have decided to do "The Shelli." But before I do THAT, I am going to print THIS, which was gifted to me by Mermaid Robin and is a fantastic outlining and plotting tool (also found in Our Favorite Places). 'Cuz what's the point in being the first one to get to the end of the field if you miss the power kick into the goal?


Hardygirl said...

Love that killer picture of Kate!

You're so right about the importance of that structure as a framework--just like staying inside the boundaries of the soccer field.

I'm doing my own version of structure and outlining through using Scrivener for the first time. I'll let you know how that goes . . .

Katie said...

Ooo - can't wait to hear about Scrivener!!! That pic is NOT Kate. hahaha

I didn't have any good pics of my super star athlete - so I stole one online of a girl that looks like her in action :-)

Did you read Shelli's process? It is so good!

Disco Mermaids said...

THANKS, Katie for posting this!!!

I'm sitting here pouting b/c my plotting stinks...it's the one thing I truly have no clue how to do properly. Which is a REAL hurdle for a writer!

I also have that "Screenplay Structure" thingy printed out, sitting next to me. Am considering tatooing it...um, somewhere I can readily see it all the time.

Will read your friend's plotting ideas right NOW...and possibly tattoo them to my thighs as well...

Thanks again...you guys are the BEST. Still missing you!


Katie said...

Eve- I really loved my friends process because she took it in stages ~and explained in detail how she worked.

I hope it helps ya!

We miss y'all too!!! Why don't ya come down south for a visit!


Christy Raedeke said...

Wow - I just printed that thing out and it is INTENSE! I think I'm going to give it a go; I've never tried plotting with tools. I love that there are real movie examples to clue you in that what each stage means.

So Katie and Robin, thanks for that tool!

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