Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Depression . . .

Okay, I don't know how many of you out there read Nathan Bransford's blog, but his post a few days ago sent me straight to the Godiva ice cream.  Read it here if you think you can handle it, but it basically says that the economy is terrible.  Book stores are having trouble paying publishers  for the books that they've ordered.  Fewer and fewer and fewer and fewer books are going to be published, and houses are going to be looking for blockbuster books.

What's a newbie to do????

My bud Lindsay Leavitt has some good advice here.  She is an advocate of giving away all of your old books to make room for new books (that you will go to the bookstore and BUY).   Great advice, but can we bloggers make a big enough dent in our national economy to make a difference?

And . . . as if it wasn't hard enough . . . is a publisher really going to sign a new author with all of the doom and gloom news out there?  

I guess all we can do is dig in our heels and SCREAM . . . wait, no.  Dig in our heels, buy a bunch of books and write that blockbuster.  Right?

Sarah Frances


Carrie Harris said...

Give books for Christmas. Buy local instead of ordering from Amazon. Ask for books. Every little bit helps, right?

Because really, books are cheaper than movie tickets. Cheaper than clothes. And a lot more fun. (Although probably they won't do you so much good if you're stuck naked in a snow storm. I'm not advocating nudism here; I swear!)

Sara said...

If it helps, I know of two authors who sold first novels this month. Publishing will be squeezed like everything else, but because they work so far out---like two to three years---they have to assume they will still need manuscripts to publish at that point.

That's my ray of hope theory, and I'm sticking to it. I do feel sorry for authors whose book came out this fall.

Katie said...

Oh my! SF, are we going to be the "Random Doom and Panic" posters??

HAHA - Be excited for my Random Panic post number two next!

I am seriously laughing!! But it IS so refreshing to hear all of our writer's encouraging voices. WE SHALL PREVAIL!!!

I, for one, am still slaving away in my coffee shop office. Speaking of... I have noticed that my car and my entire body now smell of latte with all of the time I'm spending in here. I don't know why I spray on the pretty stuff when I leave smelling of mocha. Mmmm. sheesh!

Thanks for the wise and helpful words, Carrie and Sara!

Hardygirl said...

Katie, I think "latte perfume" sounds divine. Why would you try to cover that up??

Great advice, Carrie. We live in a town with a great indie bookstore, and I do try to buy all my gifts there. Such a great point about books being cheaper than movies and clothes--and, I agree, they are much more fun and can stay with you forever. Besides, surely we've got enough clothes to make it through a snowstorm (if we ever have one in Mississippi--ha!).

Ah, Sara, my husband said something similar--he said "at least you don't have a book coming out right now". I do feel sorry for people who are hitting the market now even though I plan to do my part to boost the economy (at least by buying books). I'm going with your "ray of hope" theory. I like it.

Tyler said...

I try as much as possible to ignore all the commentary on the economy, at least as far as my book goes. I mean, as writers, aren't we still gonna write the best book we can (and it's probably not going to end up any better just because we're focused on the economy) and aren't we still gonna try to get an agent, and still gonna give it our best shots to get published? We can't let a little thing like a global recession affect our stories! ;)

Hardygirl said...

Yes, Tyler! You're right--the focus needs to remain on the writing, and we just need to keep on keepin' on with the agent / publisher search.

I'm feeling so much better . . . ahh.

Jeannie said...
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Katie said...

Thanks mom!

Jeannie said...

You're welcome, but I made a typo, so I had to delete and retype. The corrected version starts now!!!
SF, Katie reminded me about an author, Daniel H. Pink, who wrote A Whole New Mind, basically setting forth the theory about how to cope in these trying times. Heretofore, the successful $$$$ people have been doctors, lawyers, people with plenty of education and expertise, but henceforth it will need to be those with empathy, creativity and imagination because the information gleaned from the first group of professionals can be accessed from the internet while it takes an extra measure of interpersonal skills to emerge ahead of the pack. The skills doctors, lawyers, etc. provide are necessary, but becoming insufficient because people are looking for an extra measure of something more intangible that they are unable to use Google to find. Facts are helpful, but a host of other characteristics like love, listening, compassion and an ability to think out of the box are even better. You can hear this innovative thinker, Daniel H. Pink, for yourself, online, giving inspirational lectures based on his book, or buy his book. My sister and my brother-in-law, both teachers, had to read it for required summer reading. I bought his second book, a graphic novel entitled The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need, and it is an example of Pink putting his beliefs into action. He uses the newest genre in a creative, funny, and short paperback, but it packs a wallop! You and Katie just keep on writing books that touch the heart and move people to a better place and I'll be buying your books next! And, so will others!

Shelli said...

to be corny - "This too shall pass" shelli

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, gosh. I can relate. I have done a half a dozen library visits in the past month and I am lucky if I sell two or three copies of my PB at each. I am even undercutting Amazon's price! How can anyone turn down a cute signed PB for $10? Very frustrating!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Hi there - first time poster coming out of lurk mode although I've been reading you for awhile. I know Lindsey Leavitt as well so I had to write and give everyone some HOPE for publishing.

Last week my new agent closed a THREE BOOK DEAL for me at Scholastic Press! They're my first projects to Scholastic although my last book was at Knopf. But it's been 8 FLIPPIN' YEARS since a sale. So I'm dancing around like a crazy girl - and in shock because of the economy.

Everyone's invited to my blog party! The caterers have brought fabulous food!

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