Monday, December 29, 2008

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I thought, perhaps, I should blog about the severed Barbie head photo that I put up on Facebook.  She has created quite a stir--and probably caused terror ridden nightmares for a few of my close friends.  She even inspired a blog post written by my friend Christy Raedeke.  

This head belongs to one of my childhood Barbies which was given to me in a huge batch of Barbie paraphernalia by my babysitter.  Notice that she has real eyelashes--she's from the sixties (and in pristine condition probably would have been worth some $$).

How did she get in this eerily disturbing condition?  Anyone out there have a big brother? Well, I do.  He is five years older than I and spent much of his childhood figuring out ways to psychologically torture me.  My brother had GI Joes complete with jeeps, guns, and a giant orange surveillance tower. Whenever I would be happily playing with my Barbie Star Stage and Galleria, my brother and his friends would carefully plan a strategic ambush of my hot pink world.  They would storm in and kidnap as many Barbies as they could fit into the jeep.  Then they would strip them down, cut their hair and hang them naked from the top of the GI Joe tower.

Here, you see the sole survivor of these torturous raids on Barbie-land.  I'm not sure what has happened to her body.  The last time I saw it, it was covered in teeth marks and planted by our swing set.  

So, I ask you, is it any wonder I have written and illustrated a creepy picture book full of spiders and headless dolls?  And, should I be worried that my five-year-old actually enjoys playing with the severed doll head??



Katie said...

I am roaring with laughter and loving the Barbie graveyard in your backyard. Seriously, you should make an actual graveyard back there with tombstones and all.

maybe Julia could make it in her plastic pool - all filled with dirt. How cute and southern redneck. lol

I feel another picture book coming on...oh yeah.

Katie said...

Put up the other picture too! Of the burn victim Barbie.

Hardygirl said...

Maybe the burn victim Barbie should be a separate post. I'm still trying to figure out where she came from . . .

Katie said...

yeah. It looks so good with the one creepy head. Save Burnie for later.

Get it? Burnie, instead of Barbie?

haha I'm cracking myself up.

Robin said...

This picture is haunting. And the story behind it is even better!

Thanks for sharing. (I think.)


Shelli said...

did the box have the head in it and you took a pic or is this pic from when you were a kid. It would be a great cover!

Hardygirl said...

I actually took the picture in my yard the other day.

You don't think the picture on the cover of a book would scare the children??

Christy Raedeke said...

It's too beautiful to be scary! The story behind it is fantastic.

Happy happy new year girls!


Wyman said...

Was passing by and thought I should mention this. Could the law be looking for your brother or one of his friends. I think I recently read somewhere they think there is a guy who is removing the heads of Barbie Dolls and leaving them in stores. The story I read seemed to say they think this person is probably dangerous.

Another irony I learned in that abused or mutilated Barbie Dolls are not as uncommon as we might think. Which makes me wonder, how do we tell the boys being boys from the boys who turn into sickos? After reading the news story I read recently, I was actually shocked to arrive here to find this tale. Although, I guess it is not an uncommon thing. Still, very strange.

Sorry to bring up an eerie real life subject.

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