Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'Tis the Season

As I type this post, I'm licking the last few luscious drops of peppermint ice cream from my chin.  I love all things Christmas--the chaos as well as the quiet moments by the fire (who am I kidding?  what quiet moments??).  I tackled the snarls of twisted lights, garland and ribbon over the weekend as I began my haphazard method for decorating my house.  I'll let you know when I get it all thrown together . . .  

During this season, I also feel like I can take bit of a break from the publishing quest--not the writing, just the letters to agents and editors and the mailbox stalking.  I doubt anyone in the publishing industry is reading queries and manuscripts with fervor right now, and I have plenty to work on until January when I feel like it will be safe to send things out (i.e. when my manuscript won't be in danger of being stuffed under a fruitcake on someone's desk . . . . only to be forgotten for years and years).

So enjoy the madness everyone and get your peppermint ice cream while you can!



Christy Raedeke said...

What fun! I'm now turning my attention to all things holiday as well. Can't wait to dig through the boxes of ornaments and dress the house!

(Also loving the return of peppermint ice cream and egg nog - two of my favorite seasonal treats.)

Hardygirl said...

I had eggnog for dinner last night!

Shelli said...

sounds relaxing!

Katie said...

I envy your excitement! I am grinchy today 'cuz my lights don't work, and I am sick of peppermint ice cream, as we have eaten 5 gallons so far. Or maybe that was quarts.

And egg nog is gross.

HAHAHAHA - just spreading the c-mas cheer!

No, but it was fun coming over and seeing all of your mess :-) Call me if you find anymore of that gold woven ribbon stuff.

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