Saturday, February 7, 2009

REJECTION - number one...

Dear Lord, I know I have just posted "RANDOM PANIC - number 3," please don't have this series find me posting "REJECTION - number 89" one day.

SO, for all five of you that read this blog... Just kidding, it's more like 10 ~haha. I finally got the rejection email. However, the dreamy agent gave me such detailed suggestions for improving the story that I feel both grateful and overwhelmed. I was amazed at the care she took to give me such wonderful feedback.

Anyway, that's my news. It's 3:31 a.m and I don't feel that sleep is in the cards for me tonight. I wish I could actually write, but wouldn't you know, I can't. I can only sit here and blog :-) And I wish I could call SF, but she's in NOLA having fun with hubby (For you yankees, that's New Orleans) and it's 3:30 for pete's sake!!!

Anyone up??


Irene Latham said...

Katie, you have just the right attitude for this biz!! It's the folks who can get punched in the gut and still pick themselves up and walk away that make it. And really, that she took the time and energy to give you solid points to work with -- GOLD, baby! This happened to me twice, with editors on 2 different books. Each time I felt overwhelmed and disappointed but later extremely grateful for the input. These people know what they're talking about, you know? So you go girl! We're all here rooting for you BIG TIME!! xxoo

granjan said...

Oh Katie, I am sorry that this did not turn out as you had hoped. However good feed back is a great gift and will take you on the next segment of the journey. Much love hugs and kisses, Gran Jan
PS exercise is the BEST sleep aid-- all others can bite back

Katie said...

Thanks Y'all. I have included my bloodshot-lack-of-sleep-tears-have-been-shed photo for your enjoyment :-)


I know her advice will make it much better. She's brilliant. But oh where to begin?!

And Granjan, don't worry, I hate sleeping pills. I will take a long jog, or do some vodka shots right before bed. JUST KIDDING!

Colorado Writer said...

Okay, whew! Got #1 out of the way!

Shelli said...

hey girl - got your email. Hang in there and Im sorry. keep in mind - just b/c she rejected it and gave suggestions - doe snot mean she is not the one? I would start with an outline and plot each chapter before you dive into rewrites.
summary each chapter, how you can change it, where it goes, and what you learn.
I had to redo my whole book twice and it is a completely different book but so much better.
and yes - of course - you can call me anytime! Ill listen to you vent and then help you stand back up and take a step forward. :)

Tyler said...

Ah, sorry Katie. But at least you know! PLUS, if any agent or editor is willing to take the time to edit something and offer detailed comments, it means they see lots of promise in it! So while it's a bummer that it turned out to be a rejection, it's pretty much the absolute best kind of rejection you can get.

Katie said...

Yes. I am truly thankful. And everything she said I agree with. One item seems hard to fix, but overall the comments are great.

But the work involved to fix the issues are stumping me a bit. Granted, I haven't had much time to think through. Nor much sleep.

Anyhoo, just sent the hubby out to pick up some chimichangas and I am already in bed. It's 6:30. LOL

Y'all have a great weekend!

Tyler said...

Oh, and another thing...My Creative Writing: Novel teacher last semester told us that he has calculated it out that for every acceptance letter he's received with his works, he has approximately 40 rejection letters. And as of May he was shooting for his ONE THOUSANDTH rejection letter by the end of 2008! So don't feel TOO bad that you got ONE ;). It's just the natural evolution of becoming a great author.

a brilliant blog said...

Your voice is great. Your story grabs attention. Take this opportunity to make it stronger. You can do it girl And someday, it's all gong to be glorious..just not quite time yet, darn it!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Oh, man! I was so praying for you!

On one hand I want to say I'm sorry, but on the other hand, the fact that this agent spent time and thought and energy to give you some true and thoughtful feedback IS gold. She likes your work - A LOT - or she wouldn't have done it. And she wants to encourage you, she really does.

And I know you can figure out how to do it. Revisions like this do take some mulling and pondering. How to rewrite will come to you - usually when you least expect it. At least that's what's always happened to me. But you have to trust that the answers WILL come.

btw--you look pretty dang good for 3:30 in the morning!

Eve Porinchak said...

Katie A! I'm SO sorry to see this post. Really was not expecting this (as I'm sure you weren't either!).

I wish there was something I could do or say to make this feel better. I think everybody has really good points in saying that anytime an editor or agent takes ANY time to give comments, it's because the work is worth it.

I'm thinking about you and miss you. You'll get've got dedication and persistence to spare!


Corey Schwartz said...

Aw, this business is so tough. If you need readers, I'd always be happy to take a look. I'm rooting for you, Katie!

Katie said...

Thanks Y'all!

I am no longer worried. My book kicks butt! I will just make it kick serious superhero butt, and then send it out again :-)

Back to the coffee shop.

And Tyler... 1000 REJECTIONS!!!??? Holy Moly! That would definitely do me in.

Stay posted. I WILL succeed.

Christy Raedeke said...

Katie, when I got my first rejection letter I didn't tell anyone--not even my husband--for weeks. I told my family I needed to go to a hotel to get some writing done and I cried my eyes out for 24 hours. I'm astounded by people who can let rejection roll off their backs and forge ahead; I had no ability to do anything but feel sorry for myself (only I wasn't as gracious about the agent as you have been!). But your agent is out there. Your absolutely, positively perfect agent. It's like dating. I'm SO glad now I didn't marry the guy who I thought was the be-all end-all. Thank the lord he dumped me! Otherwise I wouldn't have found my amazing husband. You'll find your agent soul mate, we all know it! xo

Katie said...

Aww Thanks Christy. Why is it that a novel rejection is so much harder than a pic book? Maybe cuz I put so much of my heart and soul into it. And cuz I friggin' love the dang thing.

I am really struggling trying to figure out which way to re-write it. I have 3 good options but I don't want to do three rewrites!

So I am kinda stumped.

I have had many great suggestions and like I said, I agree with her analysis as well. Just plotting it out is giving me brain freeze...

I want to carefully think through it. And do it RIGHT, but it has made me scared to pull the trigger and really do it.

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