Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Weekend!

I just returned from surprising my college roommate for her fortieth birthday.  She lives in Davidson, North Carolina, the town of my alma mater Davidson College (Go Wildcats!). 
It was so much fun to walk around the beautiful campus and see all of the changes to the town . . . but it was insanely wonderful fun to surprise my friend!

I loved meeting her group of friends in Davidson, and her hubby (with some help) arranged a beautiful party for her.  I learned that I CAN pick up the flat bottom of a brown paper grocery bag with my teeth--and without my knees or hands hitting the floor.  This picture is my fab, forty-year-old friend proving that she's still got it.

Then, here's the kicker, her hubby sent us (our other roommate and her sister) to the Grove Park Inn for a little spa time.   Delish!  It's amazing what a little swimmin' around in a grotto filled with hot tubs and mineral baths will do for you!  Plus, it started snowing on Sunday--real snow, not Mississippi snow--and we were outside in the steamy hot tubs with snow on our eyelashes.   

The blizzard (well, it was a blizzard to a Mississippi gal) did make for a hairy-scary drive to the airport and lots of delayed flights and general travel chaos.  But, I stayed in the zone being constantly reminded by my lavender spa-scented hair and sat on my grounded plane blissfully reading The Help (which is absolutely great).

So . . . . time well-spent.  Now, reality is calling!



Kelly H-Y said...

Sounds wonderful!!!! What fun! And, that paper bag game looks like a RIOT!! Glad you had a safe and memorable trip!

PurpleClover said...

I'm so jealous! It's actually on my list of places to go!

Looks like you guys had loads of fun!

Little Ms J said...

Now that is talent. All those yoga classes have paid off in spades, hm?

Katie said...

WHOA! I want to go to the Grove Park Inn! I have always heard about it, but now I think I MUST GO!

Hilarious game! I must try :-)

Katie said...

P.S. I just got the library's first copy of The Help on CD! Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!

AND did you see it in People mag?? It got like 3 1/2 stars or maybe 4! (I can't remember)

Hardygirl said...

I'm so jealous about getting to HEAR The Help. I loved listening to Octavia's voice at the reading.

Yes, the Grove Park is de-vine.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

You lucky girl, you! Sounds DIVINE!!!

(Hope you're not mad at me about your picture book. You did get my email - I hope!) ;-D

Hardygirl said...

Oh no! Kimberley, your thoughts and suggestions are brilliant, and I appreciate them so much. I was waiting to dive in until I had a block of time to really dig deep (kids with strep throat in our house this week has left me without that big block of time to work).

I'll get back to you if I have questions. In the meantime, I'm slogging through and trying to rework my dummy to go with the revised text. Tricky stuff.

Thanks a TON!!! sf

a brilliant blog said...

always bring some of that vacation bliss back home with you. It makes the re-entry a little better!
My husband and I have a saying, "Re-entry is he~~!"

Pen Pen said...

I've ALWAYS wanted a spa day!! Ur so lucky!!

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