Friday, March 6, 2009


I am interrupting my growing list of posts (including my first ever school visit! and my SCBWI recap! ...both coming soon) to delight momentarily in SF’s and my new favorite film.

Behold LOVE AND OTHER DISASTERS - available for instant download on Netflix.

SF discovered this gem a few days ago and insisted that I view it, which I promptly did, and here is what I learned...

...Love is a process. A choice. And not an event.

And secondly, writing and finishing a book or a screenplay takes courage.

I have been so focused on selling my book for the last year that I have lost sight of the fact that I actually wrote one, dangit!! So today I am changing my tune, Babies! SF and I applaud ourselves (and you) for following our dreams, and trying to succeed at something that we are all passionate about.

And lastly, we discovered that the most fascinating stories are simply the ones that we are all living. And for that, we are thankful.

P.S. we may speak with a slight British accent from now on and use the word, “Babies” a lot -- as in, “You should read our blog, Babies,” or “Check out this movie, Babies." ~Because that's the way the adorable girl in the movie talks :-)


a brilliant blog said...

I'm checking it out!

Hardygirl said...

Hello babies!

How did we miss this movie when it was out? It's a modern Breakfast at Tiffany's with a British Vogue Holly Golightly. So much fun!


Shelli said...

fun - i love movies - especially little gems

Little Ms J said...

I love your comment about taking a step back and recognizing that you WROTE A BOOK. Big thunderous applause to the both of you!

I am thrilled to have found all of you passionate, creative, talented and intelligent women. Everyone is so positive on this little blogspot community!

Katie said...

SF nailed it! I don't think it ever came out? But then again, we don't get all of the movies here in our tiny neck of the woods, so maybe it did?

Jess, Shell and JJ, thanks for checkin' in! Y'all have a great weekend :-)

Laini Taylor said...

huh. Never heard of this. (Her legs are freaking me out a little.)

And yes: HUGE BRAVO to finishers of books!!! It's an amazing accomplishment!!!

Paul Ă„ertker said...

Thanks for posting. The whole "Am I a writer? or Am I a guy trying sell a manuscript" kills me. Thanks for actually saying it.

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