Saturday, March 14, 2009


No . . . I'm not heading to Daytona Beach in my convertible Trans Am to play quarters and beer pong (thank GOD!).  I'm sitting in Jackson, Mississippi, where I grew up and where my parents still live.  I never come down here unless I have a reason--cousin's wedding, holiday, funeral . . . so, I decided I'd hit J-town for some spring break action this year.   

I am, at this moment, sitting in what could possibly be the coolest coffeehouse EVAH.  It is called Cups and it is located in the Fondren area in Jackson.  I am surrounded by an intensely eclectic crowd of coffeehouse groupies, and I love it.  

Tomorrow, I'm joining my friend from Austin who is in town for
a crawfish boil at her parents house.

Then, I'm hitting the Raoul Dufy exhibit which is at the Mississippi Museum of Art.  He's one of my fauves . . . I mean faves . . . ha!

And then, of course, the pinnacle of all that is wonderful and juicy.  Anthropology.  I'll try hard not to drool.



PurpleClover said...

Oh I love the aprons from anthropology! I have two even though I rarely make a gourmet meal that requires an apron...and even then I usually forget to put it on! haha.

But I love their clothes.

Katie said...

Mmmm Anthropologie....

hardystudios said...

Oh my! I'm on my mom's Dell and (sorry to be a Mac snob), but our blog looks like crap--weird lettering, etc.


Shelli said...

spring break in the beginning of march - ours were always end of april when it was warmer.

Lisa and Laura said...

I love that your vision of spring break includes Daytona Beach and a Trans Am. Does it also include overly tan dudes with mullets??

Enjoy your Spring Break with the rents and make sure they each hold a leg when you're doing keg stands.

Katie said...

Oh hilarious! Lisa and Laura are unfamiliar with you channeling your inner Trans-Am for the Play!!

Uh, LL, make sure you read the Ten Minute Play post :-)

Whew! gotta clarify!

Paul Äertker said...

Jackson ain't no town.
Maybe you could stop and get a pimento cheese sandwich from Brent's, too. Then again, where is Primo's when you need it most. Diddy wah diddy.

Katie said...

Look at Paul callin' out Brent's and Primos!!!!!! Paulie, I have forgotten that you are a southern man at heart!

Does he know that SF IS SF BRENT???? I'm thinking not.

Anywho.... I'm hanging here in little old Oxie getting ready to hit the yoga studio. But first I think I might need a nap.

mmmm nap...

Hardygirl said...

Oh my. Yes, Paul. I am THE Brents!!! That was my grandfather's drugstore. I know, I know . . . you didn't think it was possible for me to be any more awesome and now you find out I'm practically royalty.

We're headed there for lunch tomorrow. sf

a brilliant blog said...

Hey, do you know Bessy & LeLand Speed in Jackson? Their son Forrest is a good friend of mine.

Hardygirl said...

Hi Jessica! I sure do--whew, small world.

Lisa Schroeder said...

A crawfish boil? You southern folks do know how to have a good time, don't you?

Lisa, who lives in the beautiful NW where we know how to roast a good wienie and that's about it.

Solvang Sherrie said...

We must have a really late spring break -- it's not until the second week of April! Looks like you're making the most of your time though. Enjoy!

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