Thursday, September 17, 2009


My favorite (and I mean favorite) website is this one. It is run by the hilarious duo known as Heather and Jessica and is called "Go Fug Yourself." It is my daily candy . . .my soy milk latte' in the morning . . . my plate of fried pickles . . . .

Now, for those of you who are wondering, these gals define "fugly" as

"Fugly, however, is a self-inflicted state, and no one seems to excel at dwelling in the depths of fug quite like pretty people with money to spare and little sense of how to spend it. Celebrities are always skipping around in public wearing things that are phenomenally perplexing; as these red-carpet dwellers are often considered trendsetters or bastions of Hip Present and Hip Future, we like to take them to task for careless choices. (Of particular concern: whomever got little girls thinking that miniskirts andUgg boots were a stellar combination.)"

See? Don't we always ask ourselves how someone so pretty could spend so much money to look so hideously ugly? Do celebs want to just prove that they are so rich and famous, they can get away with anything? I mean, how else can you explain this:

I know, I can feel Apple stock plummeting as Justin Long tries to maintain his cool Mac persona next to those stockings.

What I love best about this site is the fact that Heather and Jessica never, ever poke fun at people for things that they cannot change--like cankles or body shape (unless they have done some surgical altering--then it's totally fair game). They are totally cracking on things like crazy shoes, spray tans, and leggings worn as pants. So, it's just a whole lotta fun and never mean-spirited.

Go and look. Then you will bookmark. Then you will check in twelve times a day because my girls update often. You're welcome.

Oh . . . . and I cannot end my post without a little, tiny teaser. Katie has got something really, really cool that she will be telling you about soon. So check back in . . . twelve times a day if you want . . . it's that good.



Katie said...

Ahhh... the fugsters. I don't check in with them near as much as I should.

Thanks for the reminder :)

Katie said...

I must also add, for nostalgia's sake, that this website is how I met the lovely Roecker sistas.

When I stumbled upon their blog and saw Go Fug Yourself listed on the side of their blog as if Heather and Jess were their best buds, I thought, "Hmmm.... SF loves the Fugsters, so I think I'd like these girls."

And sho nuff, I love 'em, just like I love SF.

That's all.

TereLiz said...

Yes, this is one of my guiltiest pleasures, like deep-fried Oreos. Actually, Drew's hair is sort of reminding me of deep-fried Oreos. Ewww.

ElanaJ said...

I can tell I need to go to that website. Thanks!

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh how I love the Fug Girls. When I first started reading their blog I knew that I had to have one of my own. I also knew I'd never be half as funny, but still...They were truly one of my inspirations.

AND I totally remember Katie writing me and saying, you like the Fug Girls? I love the Fug Girls! Let's be friends!

And that, as they say, is history.

You girls rock. I thank God every single day that you two stumbled across our blog and we became friends!

Christy Raedeke said...

Okay, you've got me -- I keep checking back for the exciting Katie news!

Come on, spill!

Kelly H-Y said...

That sounds hilarious ... I'm off to check it out!

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