Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still Tellin' the Truth

Happy Tuesday all!

If you haven't read this, do. It will make you laugh. This too.

Both are my current fave truthy-type posts by some super talented writers.

As far as I go, I have a rogue credit card and am in need of some cash. Being the industrious gal that I am, I accepted a couple weeks of temp jobs and Holy...Mackeral... I have a newfound appreciation for writers who also work.

For two weeks I haven't had time to return any emails or calls, much less do laundry and take showers. I basically work all day, then come home and nap for 20 minutes while my kids hover around my bed and ask me stuff. Then, I drag myself up, crack a diet Coke and make dinner.

(allow me to stop and say that I like to cook. I am, in fact, a great cook. But, working has sadly taken away any desire to cook anything other than microwaved take-out.)

So, we eat take-out. Then I clean up, sign papers or whatever, get the kids to bed, and then up to my office to re-plot my masterpiece which is wonderful and exciting, but also very hard, and requires intense concentration.

Did I mention my poor hubby who likes for me to watch TV with him for a little while every night? Not to mention his other favorite pastime? Yeah, well I do that too.

But guess what that leaves last on the list?


Yes, blogging has sadly fallen to last on the list. Thank goodness the rest of you are doing such a great job! Won't it be a great day when all of this work actually pays off and I have a real book on the shelves. 'Til then, I guess it's take-out and lots of caffeine.


Solvang Sherrie said...

Work is hard! But, y' know, it pays off, sort of...

Good luck with all the plotting/writing/cooking, and keeping hubby happy =) Believe me, I can sympathize!

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh, the poor husbands! They really do suffer, don't they? Tell The Truth Tuesdays are awesome!

Good luck workin' 9-5, baby. And keep rocking those revisions. I love that you guys have little progress bars on the side of your screen. I need to add one so Laura hurries up and sends Unclaimed Baggage back to me. I think her full hope tank is distracting her from her job.

storyqueen said...

I'm living it right now, too! Just remember that every little bit of writing helps. (My humble goal is a page a day.)

Good Luck!


Katie said...

Thanks Sherrie! It does pay off. My revision is getting better by the day!

Lila, my WIP bar will be stagnant for a while during the Mighty KISS revision... but SF is hoppin'! Just click on it and it will take you to the place where you can make your own :)

Storyqueen, good luck with your page today! And thanks for the encouragement.

Kimberly Derting said...

Even without a day job and a book on its way to the shelves, I *still* live like that (and feel guilty about it). I played hooky from revising yesterday because my kids start school next week and all they've heard from me for the past two weeks is "not now, mommy's busy." I felt like I needed to cram in some quality time...pronto!

Katie said...

Hey Kim, did you see that I linked to your "six stages of revision hell"??

LOVE that!

Hardygirl said...

I'm doing some free lance graphic design work this week (which is a little frustrating because I'm dealing with some new technology . . . okay, it's real frustrating)--definitely cuts into the day, but at least I am building my portfolio.

Hats off to you working moms. I don't know how you pull it all together.

Plus, I'm getting to the point in my WIP where I need to quit free-writing and figure out what's going to happen. You know--plot. Ugh.


Kimberly Derting said...

I saw...thank you!!! :)

ElanaJ said...

I hear ya on this one. Getting back into the schedule of working is terrible. Good luck!

Little Ms J said...

Preach, sister. I don't know how I'm going to be famous with this durn job.

Kelly H-Y said...

Hang in there!!!

Graeme Stone said...

Working and writing are not the best combination in the world, and your writing about them is very funny (think of it as material!), but I have found that a job creates a very healthy kind of jealousy for writing. It's fuel.

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