Monday, May 31, 2010

Need some tunes...

I lost my ipod recently and am in dire need of some new tunes with which to write. Any suggestions?

Lemme know all your favorite new tracks in the comments so I can load up my iphone for the coming weeks :)

Thanks peeps!


Gail said...

I like to listen to instrumental, new age, alternative jazz music rather than songs with lyrics. I get distracted singing and not concentrating on my writing!


Well ... what kind of stuff do you like? My favorites are Brandi Carlile, Jimmy Eat World, Butch Walker, The Fray, Snow Patrol--that kind of thing. So not sure if we have similar musical tastes or not. :)

Jessica said...

I like listening to instrumental too. The Secret Garden is a good group to listen too when I'm writing.

Katie said...

Great ideas, y'all! Thanks!

Kristi Valiant said...

Some of my faves at the moment:
Hawk Nelson - Live Life Loud
Owl City - Fireflies
Sanctus Real - Lead Me
TobyMac - Irene
Mary Mary - Shackles

Katie said...

Hey thanks Kristi! I love some of these bands but don't have these particular songs :)

Off to itunes!

SueW said...

Like Gail, I skip the vocals- in your i-podless days , have you thought about live 365 or pandora internet radio? Both are free and you only have to choose an artist to match or a genre of music.

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