Friday, May 28, 2010


This summer (like every summer), I vowed not to overschedule. The best thing about summertime is the days that stretch out lazy and sweaty . . . when you have nowhere to be but the pool or the porch. But, alas. I looked at my calendar, and I have a ton of stuff scheduled for my kids--camps, tumbling, art lessons.

But after four short days of official summertime, I'm glad to have some things on our plate.

Here's my problem. I have three girls.
Three. Girls.
Three is a toxic number. Someone is always left out or being picked on or staring at the other two until they cry. My oldest daughter has spent more time being OUT of the pool than in (I punish her by making her sit out on the side of the pool). And, there is a whole lotta pinching and whining.

Don't get me wrong. We're not in need of an intervention by the Super-Nanny. They're great, smart talented girls who are wonderful to be around . . . except when they're forced to be together 24/7.

My husband is taking my middle daughter to camp in North Carolina this week for a few days. When her camp ends her older sister will go--for three whole weeks. At first, I was thinking it would be better for them to be there together, but now, I'm looking forward to having just two at a time for a while. Plus, all these little tumbling and art camps for the younger sisters are going to give me some much needed time to write. It'll be in fits and starts, but it'll be better than nothing!

I'm not even going to comment on Katie's last post (she'll be without any kiddos for two whole weeks--whoa!) because I'm completely jealous and thinking about making a little Katie voodoo doll.
Just kidding, Katie. I'm actually happy for you for getting to have all that wonderful time. I can't wait to read your latest!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!



Katie said...

Ha! You crack me up. Meg and I were reading this post but before we got to the voodoo doll, Meg saw it and said, "Hey! I want one of those." Little did I realize she was asking for a "Katie Voodoo doll."


She'd probably make good use of that too. But too bad for her, I'm shipping her off! mwwahhhhahaha.

Just kiddin'. She's my BFF. But she did just tell me I have food in my teeth.

I'll call ya tomorrow.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

You girls are too cute! Katie Voodoo Dolls! Can I buy one??? KIDDING!!!

Love you both! (And I hope you get some writing/illustrating in, too, sf!)


Stina Lindenblatt said...

Cute doll!

I still can't go over the fact you guys have summer vacation already in the States. We had snow this morning in Calgary. Now exactly summery. Fortunately it melted a few hours later.

Summer vacation starts here when the summer officially begins, near the end of next month.

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh god, I just had a flashback of Laura tossing my entire drawer of underwear out the window one summer vacation. Three girls in one house 24/7 definitely creates some interesting situations...

May the force be with you!

Sarah Campbell said...

Boy, if I had only known three was such an awful number. (I have no excuse; I was one of three girls.) We've got the boys heading out to camp different weeks. It'll be wonderful to just have two.

Robin Mellom said...

We have three WEEKS left before summer vacation. :(

Love the Katie Voodoo doll. And even her voodoo doll has a big heart!

storyqueen said...

I have three daughters, too!

(But this weekend, it's just me and the munchkin as the two older girls are in San Francisco for a dance workshop.)

sometimes, you have to divide and conquer.


Anonymous said...

I actually have a voodoo doll that you can pin a photo on, so it can be anyone!!!!!
Happy writing this summer SF!

(my google acct won't open for some reason!)

Christina Lee said...

hey three is the new two, ya know!!!! ;-) thank God for summer camp is all I've got to say on the matter!

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