Friday, October 31, 2008

Here's what happened . . . to me . ..

In response to Katie's last post in which she wondered where all that wonderful writing time and energy had gone . . . here's where mine has gone.  Notice the pictures--pumpkin patch field trips, tricking up my house for Halloween, dirt-and-worms cupcakes for school Halloween parties, PTA newsletter, and the gi-normous, thirty-foot "shining stars" mural that I painted at Oxford Elementary School.

And, this all happened THIS WEEK.  And, I haven't even mentioned the saga of the Halloween costumes--which involved more painting and driving and sweat and tears.

Katie and I recently had a great discussion about pruning--not our gardens, but our lives.  I have noticed that when I'm using my creative energy to do anything--writing, painting, or volunteering--I feel pretty good.  I loved, loved, loved painting all of those giant stars on the wall of my daughter's school.  When I'm doing something that goes against my natural tendencies, I dread it--for example, the PTA newsletter was not so much fun and I had a pretty bad attitude.  

New goal--prune out the stuff that doesn't fulfill.  Somebody else is gifted in that way and will probably do a better job than I would, anyway.

Now, I'm off to my preschooler's Halloween party with my wormy cupcakes.  This week was gonna be a wash anyway.  I can't compete with Halloween!
Enjoy your pumpkin carving!!  sf


The Bill Cochran said...

Happy Halloween!

I wish this day came like 4 times a year... but then, I'm not a mommy, so... maybe I wouldn't if I had all that stuff to do.


Katie said...

Great post SF! I loved all the pics! The mural looks great. And so does the playroom. My eyes aren't working right today cuz I went for the routine eye doc appt. and they said, "you have a hole in your retina. Let's do immediate laser surgery."

Huh??!! Needless to say, tears fell and now I am BAck in bed AGAIN!!!! Dang it! I am never gonna get back on track.

P.S. I called you from the docs and you weren't home! Probably out doing kiddie parties.

Later! K

Hardygirl said...

Okay, I can't believe I missed the whole eye surgery episode. You need to live in a bubble, Katie.

Bill--I'm with you, man. I could do this every weekend. Halloweeen is the BEST! sf

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