Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scrivener... is making me looney!

Yep. That's me - freaking out on my roof! Wait! Don't panic. Let me give you a little history. For the last few years, I have plugged along on my adorable little Mac ibook. However, lately, my precious laptop has been acting a bit wonky and the operating system is just, well, OLD.... Which led to me start shopping for a newer, cooler laptop.

BUT, since the economy is behaving badly, I just can't afford a new one right now. This realization made me very, very sad as I watched SF going to town on the seemingly fabulous new program - Scrivener. (Scriv won't work with my dumb OLD operating system) After whining to SF and my family for a few days, I remembered that my daughter has a brand new Mac in her room!!! It's a desktop though, which means I can't carry it to conferences and the coffee shop. Sigh... But I thought that I could def. download Scriv onto it and just type my book up in her room. she has a big desk and three large windows. I mean, what could be more relaxing?

So, yesterday, after I returned from a glorious trip to Atlanta (which I will blog about next) I went out and bought a new yummy candle to set the mood (I really did) and a gigantic iced tea, and headed over to SF's for a pre-work tutorial. She glided effortlessly through the explanation and I was psyched to go home, light my candle and get to work.

Let's just say that actually using the program by myself, without help, almost made me lose my ever lovin' mind. And I finally busted out of Kate's window to de-stress on the roof. SF called and counseled me some more and I have gotten a bit further, but dang if new software isn't hard to figure out?!! And I am IMPATIENT!!!

So, I have had to take a chips and salsa break, take a shower, make a few phone calls and vent to my hubby for a bit - and now I am back at the computer (but obviously I am blogging rather than scriving. ) Oh well. I can tell it's gonna be great! As soon as I get comfortable with it. Pray for me....

P.S. When we built this house, I was excited for my daughter to have a rooftop lounge area 'cuz I had one when I was a kid and we sunbathed on it. So it's not quite as scary as it looks. It is now officially the Rooftop Spa and Calming Room. Come on over!


Hardygirl said...

Be patient, kiddo! It takes a while to get used to--plus lots of trial and error. You'll be plotting away tomorrow, I'll bet.

Can't wait to join you on the roof:)


Katie said...

Well, actually I have come up here in the quiet of the night, and it's dark and I am in my mushy robe and it seems better.

I can see that the corkboard is going to be an amazing help for me. It really helps you get in there and see what you are missing. And it's helpful to stand back and look at the whole thing in index card format and identify breaks in the storyline - or problems with the timing.

So, thanks for the encouragement. I'll check in tomorrow.

The Bill Cochran said...

Ahhhh Scrivener.
I wrote up an entire draft of my last draft other the last thing I wrote on Scrivener. I found it really cool to organize with, but I still prefer some of the bizarre pre-sets I have in MS Word... so i actually wrote the chapters in word.
Then - my computer died and I haven't uploaded the new Scrivener... finished the last draft of the other last thing I wrote... on good old Word.

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