Monday, October 19, 2009

An Inspired Life

Six years ago my husband sent me on an exotic trip to Oaxaca Mexico with a world famous chocolatier to study mexican cooking in the birthplace of chocolate, itself. Also on my trip was an up and coming (now major) yogi who led us through incredible yoga every day as well.

These two peeps became my constant companions for nine glorious days.

What I remember most, is what it was like to be in the presence of creative minds all day. The chef, for example, was constantly jotting down notes about various flavors or random ideas for her numerous stores all over the world. The yogi, a music man, did the same kind of creative brainstorming for his business, weaving music and theory throughout our days.

After we got home and the NY Times interviewed us for a four page article that started with the words, Katie Anderson, a housewife in Mississippi.... (Seriously! It was friggin' crazy!) I told my mother that being around inspired people all day was the most energizing thing I have ever done in my life.

Until now...

Discovering writing and our vast web of writer friends is a world I feel so happy to be a part of. How blessed we are that we do this thing called "creating stories" all day. I live in constant awe of the creative capacity God has given us as artists. It is the same exact feeling I had in Mexico, but has lasted years, rather than nine short days.

God, I love this job! And I love y'all for allowing me to live in that energy ALL THE TIME!

Even when I have "Plot Fail" as Heather calls it, or "Brain Bleed" like Shelli says :-)


PS I don't know what that kooky image is, but it looks like what I imagine my creative synapses might look like...?


Little Ms J said...

I like your creative synapses and I think your journey in Mexico sounds like a movie! Where can we read the article? And, by the way, thank YOU for inspiring me. You're a little ball of fire, lady.

Heather Hansen said...

You studied with a chocolatier in the birthplace of chocolate?! WHOA! You're really high on my cool list now!

AND... I think I've got a plot that works! Yee-ha!

Katie said...

Ooops! It was four and a half years ago, and it was, hands down, the coolest thing I have ever done. I'll try to get a link to the article.

Corey Schwartz said...

What an awesome husband you have! I thought I was lucky that mien spared me for the weekend to go to the Rutgers conference :)

storyqueen said...

Wow. Awesome! I am trying to think of something that could be luck.


Lisa and Laura said...

Oh, Katie, you are so fabulously random. I can safely say that you're the only person I know who's been on an exotic trip to study mexican cooking with a famous yogi and then got interviewed by the NY Times as a result.

When are you writing your memoirs?

You rock, and I know exactly what you mean about being proud to be a writer. I've never loved anything more in my entire life.

Hardygirl said...

That was the greatest sounding trip ever! And, it was too fun to be running in the same circles as the famous "Katie Anderson, housewife from Mississippi".

Love my writer friends, too! Who else would put up with listening to all of this kooky stuff???


Anonymous said...

Katie, you ARE Forrest Gump!

(comment from Atlanta)

Shelli said...

next time they'll say "katie, author living in MS!"!!! thanks for shout out - you help me as much as I help you!!!

ElanaJ said...

Brain bleed! That is priceless.

The pale observer said...

Did you write a longer piece about the Mexico trip?

Great blog you've got here ladies!

It's such an inspiration.

I'm a Canadian living in Ghana, West Africa - with tons of things to write about, and I keep saying I'll start the novel next week. Gotta get off the pot! Writing is one of the only things that makes me feel alive and truly inspired...

Holli in Ghana

Katie said...

Whoa... There's almost too much to comment on! Hi guys! Thanks for checkin' in :-)

I used to have a link to the article in the Times and can no longer find it :(

I have never posted about the trip, but perhaps I should. It made me never want to be a chef though - which I had previously considered. I HATED being in those kitchens all day!

I liked hearing about their lives though - their stories :-)

Welcome Pale Observer!!! (I like calling you that better than Holli ) ha! It sounds so native american. And you have to just START writing. I am just now sitting down to my revision which always makes me so nervous and anxiety filled, but you just have to force yourself to write. Even if it's to say, "I am writing, Self. Look at me. I am writing..." But then eventually something comes out :-) Promise.

Now, I have to get off line and follow my own advice!

The pale observer said...

Thanks for pointing out my 'native' name... love it! I now see it like that too.

Thanks also for the encouragement with writing!

Will do and will keep checking in with you guys for more inspiration.

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