Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dual Twitter Fail.

Sooo last night I decided to "participate" in the #YALITCHAT on Twitter. I write YA, right? All the cool kids are doing it, right? I'm cool, right?


For the purpose of explaining my experience, I shall create a fake feed. I will call myself @moron when tweeting.

Katie: (watches feed with intense concentration)

@coolkid Hello everyone! I am so excited about tonight! Great topic!

Katie: Hmm... where do I find the topic? (leans in and scans entire screen)

@fungirl Look! @coolkid is here! let's get this party started.

@agent Hey @coolkid. I agree. That YA book should be shelved separately.

Katie: What the? What YA book? Where?

@readerman Y'all are having so much fun! I just had to pop in! Hey @agent!

Katie: fun? Where's the fun? Who is having fun?

@writernerd I LOVE #yalitchat!!!! YAY!

Katie: totally lost

@referree RT @agent Hey @coolkid. I agree. That YA book should be shelved separately.

Katie: huh? Who is @coolkid? (clicks on @coolkid and discovers she is an editorial assistant) cool. (clicks back to feed)

has missed 55 new tweets.

Katie: Damn!

@bookchic @agent Do you look at manuscripts from people who you have previously rejected?

INSERT 42 new tweets that make no sense.

Katie: Maybe I should ask a question? (takes two full minutes typing question, including proper #yalitchat hashtag)

@referee Please hold all questions. We are having a one-to-one right now. @moron

Katie: oops?! Where is this one-to one? At lease 70 people are tweeting?

@moron @referee. sorry :-(

@referee @moron. Now we are ready. RT question from @moron.

Katie: (sees answer and it's so vague that I might as well not have even asked it. Decides to see who @bookchic is)

has missed 277 tweets - I'm not kidding. I wrote down the number of tweets I missed.

Katie: dang! I've missed the whole conversation!


Lessons Learned:
1.To participate in any kind of lit chat, you must have fancy twitter software like tweetdeck or tweetchat.
2. @realjohngreen's wife had a baby yesterday. (I learned that during chat. Yay John!!!!!)
3. People will follow you simply because you are participating.
4. There is a referee - unless that avatar was just a girl in a striped shirt?
5. People love these chats and claim to "learn a lot." I haven't figured that one out yet.

P.S. I've asked SF to post about her experience with Twitter after me and I am predicting she won't even understand my fake feed. That's why we love each other. We are dual dorks :-)

P.P.S. I'll tweet about this post. Feel free to follow us and retweet :-)

SF: Okay, so none of that made sense to me at all. I can't even follow Katie's rundown--and who knew there was actually software called tweetdeck or tweet chat?? The only time I've ever appeared on Twitter (yep--all of the brilliant PlotThis tweets are from Katie) was when Katie and I sat and IM'd each other on Twitter while we were watching Project Runway about six months ago.

I just got on Twitter this morning (after searching through my email account for that ever elusive password and username), and I can't even figure out how to give my status update.

It's official. I am old. Technology has left me in the dust. I guess I'll just stay on Facebook with the rest of the grannies . . . unless someone wants to give me a tutorial--who's that avatar person? Think she's available for a quick online tutorial? Gawd . . . I sound like my mother.

Dual dorks,
sf and katie


Lisa and Laura said...

Hilarious. For the record, those chats are very tricky to follow. But I've grown quite fond of Twitter mainly because I have lots of random thoughts throughout the day that I can now share freely with the world.

What can I say, I'm a narcissist.

Christina Lee said...

Whew---I am not the only one who couldn't figure it out! And I keep telling myself I will figure it out and particpate in the YA litchats- and then the weeks go by...
thanks for the lesson though--I am determined to do it next week!!!!

Shelli said...

get - its much easier

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I do not speak "twitterese" and am therefore doubly in the dark here. Are you sure you wrote all of that in English?! :-)

Caroline Starr Rose said...

On Facebook with the rest of the grannies." That's where I belong.

Elana Johnson said...

OMGosh!! I'm laughing my head off! I like to go back and read the transcript after the chat. That's where I find the value in them. If you come in late at all (like I did last night), then you're lost.

And your fake feed is EXACTLY like the chat! LOVE IT!

Nisa said...

I'm not old and I still can't follow them. At all! Add me to the twitter fail pile. Still, tomorrow is a new day and I think there's hope for me yet. We shall see.

Erica said...

Love Twitter, but yes it can be confusing.

BTW your post was hilarious and really hit home - totally spot on. I remember an #asktheagent chat I was completely lost in... Tweetdeck is awesome - I highly recommend it. I don't use the web anymore :o)

Good Luck with the next one!

Kelly H-Y said...

OH MY GOODNESS ... I was laughing out loud through this entire post. I don't Twitter ... don't think I'll even bother starting ... too much time! Hilarious!

Anne Spollen said...

Twitter is math. I don't go near it. Ever.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I actually tried to read the transcript this morning and I got confused. I can't imagine how confusing it must have been when it happened live!

Jonathon Arntson said...

Twitter and I parted ways long ago, I prefer cardinals anyway.

Gail said...

I haven't laughed this hard in a while!!! Too funny, Katie and so true. I feel the same way about #kidlitchat. I tried it twice and couldn't keep up with it. You blink or scroll back to catch something you missed and you miss a gazillion more Tweets.
Loved this post!!!

WendyCinNYC said...

Ha! Yes. I think those chats would be much easier to follow if there weren't so many chimer-inners.

But what do I know? I'm old. See you on FB, granny.

Little Ms J said...

Hi-larious. Katie, you are so adorable. I can just imagine you sitting in front of the screen, "Well, all be. What in the world?" I don't know that you actually talk like this, but because I've heard your southern accent I'd like to think that you do.

Natalie said...

Oh I can totally relate! I've tried to follow #yalitchat before too (and failed miserably). It seems like just when I start to understand Twitter, I learn about some other part of it and get confused again!

Christy Raedeke said...

SO FUNNY! I'm actually afraid to Tweet because I know I'll come off as an idiot! I applaud your courage in trying to enter a tweetchat or chweet or whatever the kids are calling it these days...

Joanna said...

Oh my gawd--I can't follow that yet either! Someone asked if I'd like to participate as a guest. I had no idea how to DM her back, so I just emailed her, haha.

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