Friday, January 8, 2010

"Snow Day" in Mississippi

So, it's snowing here in Mississippi. The schools (that just reopened after the holidays on Tuesday of this week) have been closed for two days. My plans for the week have been shattered like a Mississippi icicle as we have shifted down into snow mode.

Here is what "snow" looks like down here in the South (I put "snow" in quotes because I can hear you folks up North laughing at us):

And, yep. The roads look perfectly fine to me.

Here are my girls sledding.

BTW, I know full-well that my daughter is outside in twelve degree weather in capri pants and her Sunday school shoes, but she dresses herself. She came in for more clothes and boots after she was out there for about fifteen minutes and freezing. The second outfit didn't match any better, but at least she is warm and expressing herself.

So cheers to unexpected holidays and cheers to Monday when (surely!!) school reopens.



Katie said...

I am laughing out loud!!!! Lisa Roecker is gonna crack up as she just showed me HER snow...

Which is like 3 feet high!

And you forgot to say that school has been closed for two days due to "coldness."

Love the pics. I'll try to upload our snowman :-)

And me feeding my friend Shelli's new pig.

I'm not kidding.

Katie said...

Oh wait. You said it!!!!!! I am dense. I got caught up in the photos so much I didn't read the first paragraph!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

ROFL! Do they actually SELL sleds in the south? Ha ha ha ha.

@Katie - SNOWMAN?? :-)

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, that's about how much my dad got. School's closed due to coldness there, too.

I actually woke up to ice in the puddles on my street. Brr... You "Yankees" may laugh, but houses in N.O. have NO insulation! So 27 degrees feels a whole lot colder than you think.

Katie, how tall is said snowman? About six inches? ;)

Lisa and Laura said...

Ok, this is hilarious. HILARIOUS. I literally can't open my front door and I still had to drive carpool this morning and you guys cancelled school for THAT? I think I need to move to Mississippi...

Shelli said...

goodness we got more than that! ;)

Shelli said...

PS It's not my pig! Its a different Shelli! Just saying. I live in urban atlanta.

Little Ms J said...

We had a snow day last year when there was ice near a school and the school district was worried a bus could skid and kill some kids. I just wish they'd give us a snow day at work too. I could argue that we may slide around on the one way streets and kill a homeless man. And then I'd pack up the car and drive to Utah to ski in three feet of powder.

Hardygirl said...

Yes, Tere! We are totally not equipped for such coldness here. I went to the Big Star (local grocery store) and there was a sign on the door saying "Please use other door due to coldness."

Shannon--yes. They sell sleds because we are pitiful enough to haul them out if there is frost on the ground.

Lila--I can't imagine. Ick. Shoveling snow to drive carpool? I'd homeschool.

Shelli--You don't have a pet pig?? We're actually suburban here, too, but people think it's fun to have pig pets.

Katie--you must post pix.

Hardygirl said...

Miss J--Just saw you up there! Yes--three feet of powder sounds dee-vine!!


jessjordan said...

Oh, how I love it. We southern people will go to school/work/about our daily business in 8 inches of rain and near-hurricane-speed winds, but give us 1 centimeter of snow and we can't handle it. The world shuts down. :)

Solvang Sherrie said...

I'm impressed that your girls even have sleds! Mine would be out there for one inch of snow, too :)

Joanna said...

hahahahaha--you weren't kidding when you said half an inch!!!

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