Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seventeen Again

Whew! I was beginning to think something was wrong with me. I have been reading (or trying to read) several adult novels over the last couple of weeks and I kept quitting.

I just couldn't concentrate.

I'd lose my place.

I wondered how I could call myself a writer.

But then, I picked up PERFECT CHEMISTRY.

And remembered.

I write YA.

I'm a seventeen year old trapped in the body of a 39 year old.

It's good to be home :-)


Christina Lee said...

Oohh me too, me too!!! I am having the same problem. But it makes sense in alot of ways. I just finished Gone Too Far and even though The Lost Symbol is sitting there staring at me, I'm searching for a new YA to read! LOL!

MeganRebekah said...

Perfect Chemistry is such an amazing book!!! I've read it and re-read it a dozen time I think. Glad to hear it helped to re-inspire you :)

Lori W. said...

This is so funny to me. I recently picked up an adult novel and thought, "When is this thing going to get moving already?" One practical thing I love about YA and (short story collections) is that most are really quick reads -- nice brief escapes for a busy mom.

So, Perfect Chemistry is a read and re-read book? I'm going to have to move it up on the ever-growing TBR list.

Anonymous said...

Maybe u have a busy schedule ...and your mind isn't in the right place....

jessjordan said...

ooooh, I have that one, too. Haven't had the chance to read it yet.

My bookshelf = YA. It's who I am.

Hardygirl said...

Haven't read that one yet, but I have to say that I love it all. I switch around between adult and kid lit all the time. I'm reading Lark and Termite now by Jayne Anne Phillips and it is great. It was a National Book Award finalist and is written in the style of Faulkner (lots of shifting voices, times, and perspectives).

Before that, I read Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco Stork--GREAT ya about a teenager with Apsberger's.

And, in the picture book world, I'm loving Otto Grows Down--a super cute story about a little boy who wishes that his attention stealing sister had never been born. Thanks Jo!! :-)

Yay books!!

Gail said...

Well, at least 17 isn't toooooo far from your chronological age. As a picture book/MG writer, I'm a 10 year old in the body of a 57 year old with bad eyes. It's tough, I tell ya!

Hardygirl said...

Oh my! I can't believe I forgot to mention the FAB-U-LOUS manuscript I'm reading. Yay Katie!!!


Natalie said...

I have this problem too. It's gotten to the point where I have to listen to books written for adults on audiobooks so I won't lose interest, while I can still devour YA and MG.

Lisa and Laura said...

Totally agree! The only thing that keeps me reading adult is my book club. I've tried suggesting some YA titles, but no such luck. They don't know what they're missing (although they have teenagers living with them, so maybe that's part of the problem?)!

Katie Ganshert said...

It's so refreshing to know what we like and don't like, and even more refreshing when we stop trying to force ourselves to like what we don't. If that made any sense...

Shannon O'Donnell said...

LOL! I haven't read a grown-up book in ages. My 12-year-old and I are always fighting over books. Sadly, he usually wins (mommy guilt is powerful) and I have to wait until he's finished. :-)

Elana Johnson said...


I write YA.
I read YA.
I breathe YA.


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