Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Superbowl of Advertising

One of the greatest things about going to writing conferences is meeting the other writers. Actually, that IS the greatest thing about conferences. How much fun is it to sit around and dish with people who share your interests, speak your language, and have a GIFT for language? My poor husband would be a lunatic if I didn't have my writer friends to talk with about submissions, rejections, queries, plot diagrams, voice . . . it's a completely different language that we share with our subculture of writers.

Katie and I have been lucky enough to attend the L.A. SCBWI Conference for the past three years, and we've met the greatest people. For example . . . .

I'd like to introduce you to "The Bill Cochran".

Go look at the homepage of his website and look at the quote about him (the one about him being a "tall, goofy, flip-flop wearing guy who does everything from the bottom of his big heart) . . . I'll wait. Oh, and he also has a blog.

Plus, he's written two wonderful picture books:

The Forever Dog (helped us get through the loss of our own beloved "Binx")

My Parents Are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts About Me

But, the reason that I'm introducing Bill to you now is because he wrote one of the commercials that is going to appear during the Superbowl next weekend!!!! Holy Cow!!! That is, you know, like the SUPER BOWL of commercials. Here's a teaser for his ad for Bridgestone Tires:

“To have a spot run on the Super Bowl is pretty much what we all hope for when you get into the advertising business. The shoot took place over 4 days in October and was followed by countless hours of visual FX wizardry. It was an 8 month journey that will be over in 30 seconds. Yes, that’s right 30 seconds! I hope everyone likes it because I’m very proud of it. The teaser gives a little bit of the story away but not everything, so if you don’t like Spoilers don’t watch. And to all my close friends and supporters in SCBWI all I have to say is “KEYNOTE!”

So, next Sunday don't refill your beer, heat up your queso, or take a bathroom break during the commercials. This one is a must see!!

Way to go Bill!!



Lisa and Laura said...

Big congrats to Bill! Can't wait to see the ad live on the big day!

Gail said...

I am looking forward to the commercials even more than the game!!!

I plan to go to SCBWI LA conference this year for the first time. I'm soooo looking forward to meeting my blog buddies in person:-) I'll treat you girls to a coffee, or a drink, or an ice cream!!!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Thanks, ladies. I can't wait to check out his website and his blog - and of course I look forward to his commercial, too! :-)

Paul Ă„ertker said...

Keynote Cochran!!

Tamika: said...

How thrilling! Congratulations Bill!

TheBillCochran said...

Thanks for the publicity! Whoo hoo!
If only I could put a mention of my books into the spot. It's insane the teaser has already had 300,000 views!

Elana Johnson said...

WOOT! Congrats to Bill!

Shelli said...

yay! bill - cant wait! who said you were the chicken of the sea??? not me! You are the big kauna!

Little Ms J said...

Congrats Bill! I can't wait to see your commercial and tell everyone that I sorta kinda know that guy!

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