Thursday, June 25, 2009

Illustrations, Braces and The Help

How's that for a random title?  Sounds about as scattered as my brain, right now.

I've been taking a little break from my middle grade so that I can let it simmer before I do some work on structure.   I'm working on illustrations in an attempt to beef up my portfolio to (hopefully) have the courage to display it at the portfolio showcase in L.A.  

Yesterday, my daughter got braces.  Here she is at the orthodontist's office.

Then we went here:
For these:

And for those of you who missed our post about my friend Katherine Stockett's amazing book The Help, check it out.  Corey Schwartz pointed out to me that she is #12 on the Amazon ranking.  She's also been on the NY Times best seller list (ahead of Stephanie Meyer, ahem) for months.  Katie and I hope that Kathryn's friend, the actress Octavia Spencer, will join us for the L.A. SCBWI conference this year.  She is the voice of "Minnie" on the audio version of The Help and is a writer herself.  

Anyway, if you're looking for a great summer read, pick up your copy.  



Lisa and Laura said...

I'm dying to read this book. Laura has it now and LOVES it.

Lisa and Laura said...

Illustration and daughters are gorgeous (as always).

Jeannie Campbell said...

sf - where is that fun looking store? oxford? what's the name?

Katie said...

I must have been away for too long :( I have never seen that gorgeous illustration! Awesome SF!

But it was kinda fun to see it for the first time from afar and also see little Sallie Bell with her new braces! I'm jealous. I want some metal in my mouth.

Anyhoo... My sis in law is reading KISS & TELL and has asked me some questions that made me think, "Oh no! I need to make sure that's clear." So back to work for me.

Will be home soon (at least for a few days). Then I'll post some beach pics.


Hardygirl said...

Yes, Lisa, it's a must read! And thanks for the boost about the illustration.

Jeannie--Holli's Sweet Tooth. It's on South Lamar close to Abners. Dreamy!!

Miss you Katie! Can't wait to see your beach pix--sf

Kelly H-Y said...

Beautiful illustration - love it! And, that ice cream shop looks heavenly! How fun to get such a great treat after getting braces! WOW ... a big congrats to your friend! So awesome!

Shelli said...

love your art girl!

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