Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer's in Full Swing

Katie's at the beach this week--without her computer!!!!  She did take a paper printed version of her manuscript so that she can continue with her revisions, but she decided to make it a real vacation and leave the Mac at home.  Of course, she's not completely out of touch . . . she has her iphone.

Katie reports that the water is turquoise and the beach is wonderful which makes the waiting game for her submissions easier but revisions really, really hard.

I'm here in Oxford.  At home.  With my girls.  Trying desperately to keep them from killing each other.   I know, these angelic faces couldn't ever utter a cross word.

I think the Mississippi heat is getting to all of us--100 degrees and 500% humidity.  It's almost too hot to swim, so I think we'll watch Wimbledon.  Whew, I'm thankful that I had last week to get some work done.  

And, today we are going to make a strawberry-rhubarb pudding cake.  

When we were in Nashville last week, we visited the non-profit food distribution center, the Second Harvest Food Bank, where my niece is working this summer.  It is an amazing operation, run by volunteers (mostly)--many of whom are former caterers and restaurant owners.  They are fixing healthy meals to distribute to homeless shelters throughout Nashville.  For a sampling of some of the foods they are cooking up, check out Nancy Vienneau's blog.  She was cooking Greens, Straw and Hay for lunch when we were there on Friday.  Yummers!!!



Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

You have darling girls!!!

And that strawberry rhubarb dessert looks heavenly. Mind if I invite myself over? ;-D

Little Ms J said...

I can tell summer's here because blogger has been quiet! Well, vacation and everyone is working on their babies (books). I was excited to see a blog from you. The kids are adorable, the dessert looks deelish and thanks for channeling Katie for us.

Hardygirl said...

I feel that I must report on the strawberry rhubarb pudding cake--divine!!

Thanks Kimberley and Miss J! The blogosphere is indeed slow. I think maybe it's too hot to blog. Our brains are cooked down here.


Lisa and Laura said...

Your daughters are gorgeous and that cake looks delish! Camp started for my 4-year-old this week (thank goodness). Amazing what a few hours of running around can do for a kid.

Shelli said...

Katie - I triple dog dare you to leave the iphone AND the mac. I bet you cant do it :) I couldn;t :)

Katie said...

oooo...I snuck on :)

That pie looks YUMMY!!!!! I need to make it when I get home. I miss my blogs and bloggers!

Hope all are well - I'll post pics soon!

Kelly H-Y said...

Your girls are adorable! And, that strawberry-rhubarb recipe ... my mouth was watering just reading the recipe and looking at the pictures. And, fortunately, it looks to be right up my alley with cooking in that it's simple with relatively few ingredients! :-)

Corey Schwartz said...

OMG, Sarah Francis, did you once say that your friend published a novel called The Help? Someone I know suggested I take it with me on my trip this week and so I looked it up on Amazon. It is ranked #12!!!

Your friend rocks! Whoever she is.

Katie said...

I must add that The Help is THE BEST book I have ever read. Seriously. Ever. You must all go read it. And you can see pics of when SF and I had dinner with Kathryn on an older post. Where is it SF?

Gotta lather up my sunscreen. It's 110 degrees here at 9 am these days. whew!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I'm on page 305 of THE HELP - I cannot put it down it is SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! I have a Monday deadline for final revisions and we go to copy edits and I keep reading THE HELP instead! Ssh!

I had no idea you girls knew the author - how awesome!

P.S. I bought my rhubarb and strawberries last night to make that divine recipe, sf.

Hardygirl said...

Yes Corey! Katherine graduated from high school with me. Her book is AMAZING--and she has gotten all of the wonderful publicity and astronomical sales that she deserves.

Here's the link to the post from her trip to Oxford.


goodfoodmatters said...

So nice to meet you at Second Harvest last Friday, and thanks for the kind words and links! What fun to make new connections.
Enjoy the pudding cake and more.

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