Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Healing Spell by Kimberley Griffiths Little

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I have the privilege of reviewing The Healing Spell by Kimberley Griffiths Little. Here's what, ahem, Richard Peck had to say about this book:

“An incantational tale of Cajun magic and gators on the bayou and of the love and silence between mother and daughter.” RICHARD PECK, Newbery Medalist

Yeah. Not too shabby to have Richard Peck blurb your book, huh.

I tend to be overly critical when I read books or watch movies about the South because so many actors and writers completely botch up our dialect and use syrupy, mangled Southern vernacular. Frankly, it drives me crazy--throwing pillows at the TV crazy.

Therefore, when I began to read The Healing Spell written by Kimberley Griffiths Little (who lives in New Mexico!!), I did so with more than a little prejudice. But, I have to say that she nailed it. I felt like I was part of this Louisiana bayou family with their spot on names (T-Boy, Cricket. . .) and slow, easy manners. I fell in love with the setting and felt Livie's struggle with guilt and responsibility and helplessness as she is faced with her mother's incapacity.

But, the best part of this book for me was the scene where Livie went to visit a voodoo healer or trateur. Livie poled her pirogue through the Louisiana bayou and "drifted through a graveyard of ancient cypress stumps" to make her way to "Miz Mirage Allemond" who gives her a charm and an ancient healing spell that Livie hopes will miraculously revive her mother from a coma.

I won't spoil the end for you, but this book has one of the best endings that I have ever read.

Check out the book's awesome trailer. And, for the record . . . I LOVE the girl's accent in the trailer and I could sit on my porch and listen to those blues all day (with a mint julep, of course).

This is a book that I cannot wait for my daughter to read. And, one that I will be rereading. Thanks for such a gorgeous book, Kimberley!



Candyland said...

Sounds like another good one for sure.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

I love books set in the South, when they're done well anyway. At this point, I don't think I could do a Southern setting any justice, and I've even lived there. It's tough to get quite right, I think, if you're not bred a Southerner.

But The Healing Spell sounds fantastic! It makes me hungry for Cajun food actually. Not sure why. I look forward to reading this book, and we might just have some red beans and rice for dinner.

Elana Johnson said...

Awesome! Kimberley told all kinds of stories about how she visited the bayou and whatnot at her signing last week. So I agree -- she nailed it!

Christine Fonseca said...

man my reading list i getting LOOONNNG

Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

Beautiful review. I keep hearing people gush about this book. Sounds like I definitely need to read it.

And now I'm really in the mood to visit the south. I've yet to explore it. One of these days... *wistful sigh*

Jemi Fraser said...

This looks like such a great book - definitely on my wishlist!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i could totally see this movie in my head. in the bayou.

Tamika: said...

I'm sold:) Thanks for the captivating review~ adding this to my list.

Vonna said...

I finished this wonderful book yesterday. A particularly sweet scene had me grinning like an idiot while I waited at the Dr.'s office.

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