Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gellin' in Nashville

I am currently reclined just like this in SF's and my hotel room in Nash Vegas, Tennessee where we are marinating in the fabulous advice found at the SCBWI-Midsouth writers conference - one of our favorites.

SF just went downstairs to the first pages discussion while I prepare to "take a break" and work on the ol' revision. But, ten minutes later and I am still sitting here, so I've decided to blog instead.

(* note: I'm so brain dead that I have had to edit this durn post like 80 times due to all the typos. Hopefully no one here in Nashville will decide to google us and read it.)

Anyhoo, most of you know that SF is our Resident Notetaker Extraordinaire, and you will definitely want to tune in next week for her killer notes, but, in the meantime, here's a glimpse of the kind of notes I take:

  1. Ask Kelly Sonnack where she got those killer gray boots.
  2. Ruta Rimas is a rockstar editor. She LOVES words and analyzes them as if they are separate brushstrokes within a canvas. Very cool and so technical that I love it!
  3. Gigi's is giving away coupons for cupcakes.
  4. Ellen Hopkins thinks about her characters for a month or so before she ever starts writing. Has awesome handout.
  5. Take extra teeth wax on long trips.
  6. Tell organizers to make more coffee.
  7. Rethink the relationship between your MC and her nemesis. I think they are more similar than you previously thought.
  8. Read Crank.
  9. Figure out what motivates every action your MC makes. Make sure it's motivated by her own desires and not yours as the author.

As you can see, I rely totally and completely on SF for the full conference breakdown. I prefer to absorb the genius and gel with it for a while. But this works well for me. By the time I go home, I will be a revision machine (and know where Kelly got those boots).

Later Gators.

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Hardygirl said...

So . . . . did you ever find out where Kelly got her boots?

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