Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Climb

Maybe it was watching the Hannah Montana movie with my daughter, or maybe it was winning almost two contests in one day, but whatever the reason, I am feeling oh so sappy. And in my sappiness, I downloaded the soundtrack to the unexpectedly delightful HM movie.

Let me preface this by saying that I see a LOT of movies. Heck, SF and I even write them. But it is a rare occasion when my daughters drag me to one and I love it more than they do. That is, until last weekend.

Now, the reason for this post is a song called The Climb that Miley sings in the movie. I was listening to the lyrics in my car the day after I won the big one, and almost started crying thinking of all of my writer friends on this journey. I was so freaking flattered that sheer strangers took the time to comment on like five blogs about either my logline or my first page, that I thought, “Why have I never taken the time to do this for other writers?” But the truth is that I just never knew how much it meant before. And so I apologize. And to SF as well, because she placed in the Writer’s Digest contest last year and I didn’t make a sufficient fuss about it then, so I will now. WOO HOO! You go SF! I am proud of you!!!!

I give you The Climb:

~It's all about the climb, Y'all.

Squeeeee!!!!!!!! Here I go!


Weronika said...

I can't tell you how much I love that song! :) It makes me sappy every time I hear it. I haven't seen the movie, but I think I might go see it.

And, goodness, CONGRATULATIONS again (to the both of you!) for your tremendous successes. I'm proud of you both!

Lisa and Laura said...

Yay! I'm so proud of both of you. Such bright futures ahead. I can't wait to see where you end up and I'll certainly be proud to say I knew you way back when. I'll be like one of those music snobs who loves saying they discovered the latest "it" band before anyone else. Fabulous!

Shelli said...

love the song - I just taoked about this the other day - brilliant minds think alike. So proud of your wins! - Ill buy you a margarita in LA :)

EJ Griffin said...

Katie - I unabashadly love this song! I was just talking about with some coworkers and we were all gushing over how wonderful it was and ALL of us were taken aback to learn it was a Miley Cyrus song. Who knew she had those singing chops?

And the message, oh the message! What a great place for kid's heads to be. Working with the population I do --totally enoarmored with the negative, glamorized world of drugs, gangs, and girls-- a song like that is so refreshing!

Ok, I'm done dorking out now. And congrats on those wins!


Katie said...

I love knowing that I am not the only Dweeb that adores this song :-)

Rock on Miley Girl!

And rock on writer people! We love ya! And are PROUD of your climbing efforts!


Christy Raedeke said...

Wait one darn second here - SF WON the Writer's Digest Contest? That is huge! Katie, force her to post details, please!

Katie said...
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Katie said...

She didn't win it. I think it was an honorable mention? I don't remember, but it was something big. She's gotten close to winning a few fun things.

She'll probably laugh at me for discussing it without knowing the deets. (that's the cool word for details, no?)

Anyhoo... I can't remember, but I know she's has a plaque or something in her office :-)

SF, where are you? Double Deck? Good night, was it hot and crowded, or what?!

But those fresh squeezed lemonades were the bomb!

Hardygirl said...

Hi! Christy, Not the winner, sad to say--honorable mention in the adult fiction part of the contest. Last year (before we were bloggers, I think--so wow, thanks for the mention Katie).

Agreed about the Hannah Montana movie. I took my girls strictly as one of those things I felt like I should do. I was not excited--I almost took my laptop with me so I could catch up on some blogs but I figured that would ruin the mother-daughter moment. But, wow! It was good. Predictably dorky in parts, but I sobbed. And, I love the message. Yay Miley! And, I have to say if she turns Lindsay Lohan on us, I am going to personally kick her rear end.

Yes Katie--Double Decker day. Fun but crowded. I was glad we could come and go.


PurpleClover said...

That was fantastic! I actually get my fair share of Hannah Montanna since my daughter loves to watch it. But I'm actually surprised at how natural Miley looked in this video. Usually she looks like she's trying too hard but this time it looked like she was speaking from experience for once. :)


Congrats to both you gals. We followers know you guys have what it we aren't surprised! But love hearing the "deets"! (I think it's hilarious you had to ask about that...haha)

Solvang Sherrie said...

Having blogging buddies like you makes the climb so much more fun! Keep up the great work. Some day you'll look back on these struggles and smile :^)

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