Monday, April 27, 2009


Today is a milestone over at Plot This. SF has hit the BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!! And to begin the celebration (which is lasting a full week) I am having a tea party for her this morning at my house.

For this special event, we (her writing group) are recreating her picture book, TEA PARTY.

It's a Burton-esque masterpiece for a budding little goth girl.

Many pics and commentary will arrive shortly. This is the table. Notice the melted candles, stuffed squirrel, cobwebs and bugs! Not to mention the eleven dead roses hanging upside down from the chandelier. She is gonna freak!

HAPPY BIG ONE SF!!!!!!!!! I love ya!
This is me with black goth dripping from my eyes. Gotta go get ready! More pics to come!!!


Little Ms J said...

Happy Birthday SF! Enjoy your day! I hear that 40 is the new 30.

Katie, I want you to come to Vegas for my next birthday! I love the themed party! How thoughtful and creative.

Lisa and Laura said...

Happy Birthday SF! You are SO hot for 40. Absolutely fabulous.

And Katie, is that your pet squirrel? Whatever happened to him anyways? And you're such a good friend/southern belle hosting a tea party for your bestie's b-day. Love it.

Khaled KEM said...

So Cool..Happy Birthday SF..your photos are striking and I hope that you would enjoy this special one.
Thanks Katie for the nice post.

Kimberly Derting said...

Happy B-day!! And the squirrel is the theme!!!!

Christy Raedeke said...

You guys are TOO MUCH! Love the theme, the dead roses, the stuffed squirrel, the general beautiful creepiness.

Happy birthday, Sarah Frances! Have a wonderful gothy birthday week!


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Cute, cute, Cute!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sarah Frances!!!!!!! You two have a blast!

Katie said...

Lawsy, that was so much fun! I look like I'm crying haha!!

I was totally over served and had to take a nap immediately following brunch. Thank goodness I only had to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom :-)

Can't wait for part two tomorrow!

Robin said...

Oh NOW I know why you were looking for long gloves! You look fab!

Happy Birthday SF! I'm right behind ya!


Hardygirl said...

Thanks to you all! Yesterday was so much fun! Now, I'm going to go all girly-girl for lunch with the girls!


Anne Spollen said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day is great -- looks like a lot of fun.

(Faulkner would be proud -- dead roses, Goth -y creepiness ---)

Colorado Writer said...

40 is the new 30! And you should ROCK IT!

Irene Latham said...

Big Happy Birthday to SF!! I'm thinking 40 calls for even more than a week celebration. Think you can drag this thing out a MONTH? Come on. 40 year olds can do ANYTHING. xxxxooooo

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