Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Honesty, volume 1

We have been awarded the "Honest Scrap" award by the two lovely bloggers, Ms. J and Shannon O'Donnell!!! Thanks, Girls! We love us some awards :-)

So now we have to tell you ten honest things about ourselves.


1. I have serious comma issues. I have no idea, where to put them. See?
2. I rarely watch TV and am jealous of Lila's knowledge of all things Bravo. But, I do watch movies. And it is truly a sickness. Anytime I even have a glitch of writer's block, I instant download a movie. And not a scary, or faced paced, or even popular one, usually. Yesterday, it was Kate and Leopold. You remember that one? It probably got crummy reviews, but I will happily watch it again and again and again. I adore it.
3. I know SF and I talk about southern food a lot, but I seriously love it. When we lived in Orange County, we almost went buck wild trying to find mashed potatoes and BBQ. It was impossible to find.
4. I love public speaking. I sometimes day dream about it. But it also makes me nervous, and I sometimes cry mid speech.
5. Just like my character, I am a makeup fanatic. I don't wear a ton but I have always owned a bunch and used to think Sephora was as good as Disney World.
6. SF will be funnier on these and make me second guess all of my answers :-(


Ooooo! The pressure . . .

1. I hate confrontations (sad that I used to be a lawyer). I hate them to the point that I nearly have a panic attack complete with nausea, heart-racing, and crazy convulsions. It's embarrassing.
2. I also hate public speaking--Katie, I'll tag you for help with my, ahem, KEYNOTE! (sorry about the private joke shared by our LA SCBWI crew--I'd try to explain it, but like most private jokes . . . ya had to be there, and it just wouldn't be funny).
3. I am currently addicted to Weeds which stars Mary Louise Parker as a pot-dealing soccer mom. I'm way behind the curve and still on Season One, but it is my favorite guilty pleasure.
4. I have a gigantic crush on Jack Nicholson. Huge.
5. I'm buying lavender bath salts at the Walmart (Dr. Teal's), repackaging it with raffia and cute bags . . . maybe a seashell as a scoop. And, I'm going to give these to all of my friends for Christmas, swearing that I got them at some fabulous spa in Chicago when I was there last month.
6. Uh. Maybe I shouldn't have spilled that last one? If any of our readers are also on my Christmas list, just know that your gift was packed with LOVE. Besides, if you've never tried Dr. Teal's lavender bath soak, you should. His eucalyptus one is dreamy, too.


Kimberly Derting said...

OMG, Katie, I love that you went "buck wild". I've never gone buck wild. Ever.

And, SF, I'm so glad you referenced your KEYNOTE! Although now that I know that Katie could potentially cry mid-speech, I'm not sure which I'd rather see.

Great list, ladies!!!

Kelly H-Y said...

Love it ... you two are hilarious!

Little Ms J said...

This is your challenge:

Find Mary Louise Parker, roll a fatty and see where your commas land. I suspect that once you're done with your wayward punctuation there would undoubtedly be some, "Hey, y'all, I'mma go buck wild on these here fried pickles. Watch yourself, now."

God, I love you girls.

storyqueen said...

I thought you gals were supposed to share ten random things.....

Yes, there is no good BBQ in SoCal. None.

Shhhhh....Don't tell anyone, SF, but I am a repackager, too.....hehehe.


Hardygirl said...

Ha! Miss J--your challenge is totally within our reach. Mary Louise actually dates an Oxford boy (Charlie Mars), and she has been spotted walking the streets of Oxford. Bonus--she loves our indie bookstore.


Sharon Mayhew said...

That was so much fun to read!

Shelli said...

weeds and buck wild - you guys are crazy with a capital K ;)

Hardygirl said...

Ha! Funny how tame we actually are. Oh well . . . good thing we're writers. We can actually create an alternate reality if we want a little escape (or we can just watch a little Netflix!)


Shannon O'Donnell said...

You two better watch out - you may be dubbed crazy-fun and hilarious like Lisa and Laura.

That was a total hoot to read! ;-)

Shelli said...

left you guys an award today :)

cristen said...

i too was abit confused by their only be 6 from each of you--wasn't it 10?! am i missing something?

SF--that's hilarious about the bath soak. very clever--love the idea.

Katie said...

We thought you guys would get bored if we each gave ten :-)

Maybe next time...

Robin said...

Y'all say The Walmart like we Californians do for our highways--The 101.

Great list, girls!!! ;-)

jessjordan said...

Katie: Sephora IS better than Disney World! I haven't been to one since LA, and I'm missing it something awful right now!

SF: LOVE Weeds! And hate public speaking (in fact, I'm pretty sure Katie is a pod person for liking it so much).

Fun list. And definitely vlog it if you follow up on LMJ's suggestions. :)

emery said...

These could all be combined into a perfect day: a trip to Sephora, a few episodes of Weeds while soaking in a bubble bath...

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