Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Crazy Weekend

Because, clearly, the normal Christmas rush isn't enough of a time suck for me, I added a lil' something into the mix this year . . .

Last weekend, I opened my home for the first ever Christmas Tour of Homes here in Oxford. All of the proceeds from ticket sales went to the Jr. Auxiliary of Oxford whose sole focus is on helping children in our community. Sooooo . . . about 400 people tromped through my decked-out house on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. And, I have to say that while the preparation was tough (I repainted all the baseboards in my kitchen last week and dusted all the fuzz from the high-up cabinets and light fixtures . . . not to mention the decorating!), the actual event was tons of fun. I mean, no one is going to say anything mean about your home when you're standing right there. So I got to hear lots of great comments like "homey" and "happy".
I feel like I should mention that our home was by far the homiest house of the five that were on tour--no marble or crown molding or huge fancy rooms. We live in a historical area, and we restored (saved, actually) our home about seven years ago. It had been chopped up into apartments and was about to implode. We tried to be as true to the house as we could be--the house is a very simple house with cozy, small rooms. Our house is nothing grand, but it feels good. We love it. And, we love living right in town.

Oh, and to add to the chaos, my oldest daughter was in a tennis tournament all weekend and my other two girls were in the Nutcracker. Plus, they were all in our church Christmas pageant. I had lots of quick wardrobe changes and frantic shuttling of girls to rehearsals. Crazy!!!

Here are a few pix:

I made this of my girls about three years ago from treated plywood. It's funny how they've grown up to actually look more and more like these choir girls!

My kitchen is not particularly "decked" but look how clean it is!!!

My creche set I bought at Chartres Cathedral when I was in college.

Now I get to hang out in my clean house . . . until the stacks reappear and the fuzz bunnies reroot.



Shannon O'Donnell said...

Your home looks gorgeous! (and very clean). It sounds like you really did have a crazy weekend. I'm tired just from reading about it. I love the choir girls in your yard! :)

Little Ms J said...

Ok, so I'm jealous that your husband let you decorate. Mine is a total girl and we had to hire designers because he likes Pottery Barn. A-nnoying.

B-E-A-utiful house!

Robin said...

Wow! Love all the art hanging. Fantastic. And that bedroom!!??

I'm coming over....


Lisa and Laura said...

SF, when I move into a big, fabulous house will you please come decorate for me?

That is all.

Kelly H-Y said...

GORGEOUS!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing ... I just loved getting a peek into your beautiful home! I can't believe you had 400 people walk through your house (hopefully they wore those 'booties' so your lovely, clean floors stayed clean! :-)). You DID have a crazy weekend!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Your house looks beautifully livable. I love the choir girls. And I'm guessing that's some of your artwork hanging on the walls as well. I'm so jealous of your artistic ability. My kids draw better than I do!

storyqueen said...

Cutest kitchen ever!! Your house is so adorable.

Yep. I am jealous.

Hardygirl said...

Thanks all!

Yep Shannon, it WAS clean. Now I'm looking at a giant stack of mail on my counter!

Funny Ms J! We're such do-it-yourselfers, I can't imagine hiring a designer . . . but it sounds dreamy.

Robin--thanks! my hubby painted our bedroom that new yummy color a couple of weeks ago (see? do-it-yourselfers all the way!!).

Ha Lila! I'm still drooling over the picture you had on your blog of the dining room in Restoration Hardware!

Kelly--the great thing about our 170 year old floors are that dings and scuffs just add to the "character".

Sherrie--I just realized that none of the artwork in the pictures I posted is mine!

Storyqueen--Thanks! We love our kitchen. Since the house originally didn't have a kitchen (they cooked over the coal burning fireplace!), I decided to have some fun and go fifties retro with it.

I might have to bore everyone with our renovation pictures sometime when I've got blog block. It's quite shocking to see what we bought--my parents thought we had lost our minds.


Tere Kirkland said...

Your house looks great! My dad and stepmother were thinking of coming down from Tupelo to do this, but my dad is sick, so they canceled.

I'm totally jealous of your bedroom, Sarah!

ElanaJ said...

It's gorgeous!

Christina Lee said...

Holy crap- I popped a blood vessel in my brain just thinking about all that you had going on at once-LOL!! Well fabulous job and it does look like a wonderful home (and how cool that youy "saved" it?).

Katie said...

I have to add that SF almost downplayed the amount of stuff she had going on. It was In Sane. But, her house looks beee u tiful!

Sarah Campbell said...

We had hubby's work folks over one year and I am telling you, I thought I would explode. You are brave! Now that it's over you can laugh and be glad the place is clean for Christmas.

Stephanie Faris said...

Love your home! And you made that out of plywood? That's incredible!

Shelli said...

let me just say my home would never be asked to be in a tour. Im coming to your house for holidays :)

Stephanie Perkins said...

Your home is BEAUTIFUL! I *love* your bedroom! Thanks for sharing with us. It's so much fun to see inside other people's houses :)

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