Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Thoughts. Vol. 623

1. I have been loving my two new GLEE cds! (Look at Sue kickin' butt) If you watch GLEE, you must go get these. There is nothing funner than belting out old favorites with Mr. Shue and Finn and the gang on a daily basis. But, I must warn you... do NOT, I repeat, do NOT play aforementioned cds in the car with non-Gleeks because they will stare at you funny and ask you why you are playing Kidz Bop. Seriously, it sounds like Kidz Bop if you don’t know the show.

2. I read a great quote on Sherrie Peterson's blog the other day. Go follow her if you don’t already - she’s fab. Here's the quote. It's by Michael Crichton.
"Books aren't written, they're rewritten. Including your own. It is one of the hardest things to accept, especially after the seventh rewrite hasn't quite done it..."
OMG so true!!!

3. I heart Poochie Prints. I'm telling you - if you wanna order someone a gift that is totally original, and personalized, and beautiful, and gorgeous, ORDER them some poochie!!! I did and am wanting more!

4. I am sitting in the coffee shop, writing this post and staring occasionally at the two women across from me, who are sitting at a table, wildly planning something. They are very animated and often speaking in hushed tones as if this plan of theirs is super cool and secret. They also seem to be diagramming a lot. (?) I am wanting to go see what they're up to, but I can't. But it's obvious that they are planning some sort of new business venture.

New business ventures always intrigue me. I think because I used to sell commercial real estate and am very in tune with what will work and what won't. But what strikes me more is that I am watching them as I sit here rocking out on Pandora, proofing my book and feeling overly grateful that I have found my calling and no matter how cool this business is they're planning, it doesn't hold a candle to what I'm doing. Well, at least not to me. So, I hope they love their new job as much as I love mine.

5. Lastly, I love my coffee shop's new snowflake cup things that wrap the cardboard cups. They make me feel happy. I'm thinking they should have one for every season.

Oh wait.

6. And finally, I think I might be alone in this - But, I laughed out loud at this bizarre and stupidly hysterical trailer. I give you THE HOT TUB TIME MACHINE.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

I love Sherrie's blog - love it!

I enjoyed your coffee shop observations and the relaxed, free-flow feeling of this post. :)

Katie said...

Thanks Shannon! It was kinda free flowing :-)

Christina Lee said...

OOHHH I soo want the GLEE cd's! But LOL-- I can so see why it would be called kid bopz by someone else.

Stephanie Perkins said...

Dude. I've been excited about Hot Tub Time Machine ever since I heard it was in production. How can you go wrong with a title like that?? Brilliant!

And GLEE! YAAAAAY! I've listened to the first one like crazy, so I need to pick up the second one :)

Happy holidays to both of you & SF!

Robin said...

That movie trailer! Ha! Oh I BUSTED UP at that last line. Looks hilarious...but I will always watch a John Cusack movie, no matter what. (Why is that!!?? What is it about John Cusack that makes him so AWESOME?)

Okay, done blathering.
I love Glee.
Okay, done.

Tamika: said...

Thanks for the heads up about Sherrie, I look forward to visiting!

The YouTube was a hoot! I'll never underestimate a night in the hot tub. 1986- I was 7! Don't want to go there again! (Except for the leg warmers).

Lisa and Laura said...

Hoorah for Glee, Sherrie and Poochie Prints! What a happy post!

Katie said...

Christina - you MUST go get!

Perk - My hubby and I will be at Hot Tub on opening night with bells on!

Robin - It was the last line that cracked me up too! Over and over again.

Tamika! You are so young! A full nine under me :-) But wasn't that trailer hysterical!! Love it.

Hey Lila! Wazzup?? We're happy over here at Plot This this week :-) No stress Twizzlers needed. haha

Solvang Sherrie said...

Thanks for the shout out, Katie! I'm adding the GLEE cds to my Christmas list :)

christine said...

Love, love, LOVE the randomness!!! SWEET!

Tere Kirkland said...

Thanks, Katie, I needed that Crichton quote right now.

Hot Tub Time Machine? I have no words to express how lol that is.

Hardygirl said...

Oh my! Great post.

Ugh. Our first day of the holidays and I've got one down with the stomach bug. We'll all fall like dominoes, but at least we'll all be done with it by Christmas. Right???

On my list today (especially since I'm housebound)--watch the Glee season finale. I haven't seen it yet and have somehow managed to avoid any spoilers.

Poochie prints are adorable and so is Sherrie.

Gone to do yet another load of laundry. I'm sanitizing . . .


storyqueen said...

I love glee!! And the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine (best movie title of the decade, right behind Snakes on a Plane)

I tagged you guys....sorry.

Joanna said...

Um, I heart Glee, I already follow Sherrie, I too have become a Poochie Print addict, and Hot Tub Machine rocks.

You are my pop culture sister this weekend--woot!

Katie said...

Sherrie - you rock!

Christine - :) :) :)

Tere - I love that quote too!

SF - why are those precious girls always sick?! Sanitize away!! And call me as soon as you finish Glee! You can burn my CDs!

Storyqueen - I have never seen Snakes?! Is it funny??

Joanna - Woot Woot Sista!

Shelli said...

love sherrie and looooooooove Glee! get them on itunes!!!! it's easier than cds.

Little Ms J said...

Oh Katie, I simply adore you. We need to find a coffee shop somewhere between Vegas and Oxford so we can people watch.

jessjordan said...

How sad is it that the first thing I thought when watching the trailer was, "Wow ... they're not going to get in that filthy hot tub, are they?" I've never heard of it, but the 80s + John Cusack? How can it be bad? :)

Daisy Whitney said...

Couldn't agree more on the rewriting part -- I stopped counting after 7 rewrites on my novel! And Glee rules! Loved the season ending!

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