Saturday, January 31, 2009

Beyonce, Lipgloss, Cheese, and Other Things that make me Happy

On Facebook last week I announced that a new lipgloss could usually perk me right out of a funk for a few minutes, if not hours. But then I went to Zumba where my precious teacher memorized Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and tought it to us-- Complete with plastic rings for everyone so that we could flash our bling in the mirror like the Booty Shaker, herself.

So now I've decided that a good shake of my tailfeather to loud music surpasses lipgloss for depression breaking. And come to think of it, chocolate helps and baked Brie too. What does it for you? Ice cream? A manicure? A sweaty workout? New shoes?
I think I can say for sure that if you find yourself in a funk of sorts, perhaps you should put on your ipod, throw some cheese in the oven, gloss up your pucker and rock what you got!

Although I'd be happy to take some ideas from you.

P.S. No deep thoughts here. We all know a good cry at the therapists or some serious praying works best, but I am interested in your shallow attempts to appease yourself with fried foods and candy today. Because sometimes those little things make a day a little perkier.


PurpleClover said...

I've convinced myself I have seasonal depression (that's what happens when a Floridian moves to colder regions with bleak winters.blek!), so I have a habit of going to the tanning salon during the winter...not long enough for a tan, but long enough to get the "sun" on my face/body. Oh and the 10 minutes of peace and quiet helps too! If you've never tried a Dermalife bed...find one in your area! They are awesome!

Sushi and wine with a friend helps. So do spa day's with said friend (when we can afford it!).

Oh and singing along to really loud music in my car at the tops of my lungs helps to relieve stress! ;) I always end up laughing at myself.

Katie said...

I have shunned tanning beds my whole life, but I think I have seasonal depression sometimes too, so maybe I'll try it :-)


I was worried that post made me sound like I've been in a funk over here - which I haven't. Except on those bitter cold days when I miss my tank tops and flip flops. I'm gonna retire somewhere sunny :-)

PurpleClover said...

If I wasn't married to a Canadian-Italian (read: hot weather = hot temper), I would SOOOOOoooooo move back to FL! (or some remote deserted island and learn to fly little 6-seater planes)

I know the weather is definitely putting me in a funk! I almost wrote another post about my day at the Refugee clinic on Friday, but I don't want people jumping off bridges. Two depressing posts in one week?? Not a good idea. ;)

The Dermalife beds have light therapy, steam, aroma therapy, vitamins in the steam, and no UV you burn 500 cals just laying there for 20 mins! It's the best!

Christy Raedeke said...

As if the post didn't make me laugh hard enough! These comments are hilarious! PC - Are you telling us there's a way to burn 500 calories by laying down in something that smells good? I have googled Dermalife a million ways but can only find a vibrating bed thing! Help!

And Katie, I get funkalicious this time of year too. Becasue as if January isn't bleak enough, February lays before us. Ugh. February. Usually the only thing that helps is a day of skiing.

I'm totally going to go put some cheese in the oven.

Katie said...

I googled Dermalife for ten minutes too! I couldn't find anything!!!

HELP?! I want to Derm-up my life!

I saw this cool movie in the meantime :-)

Katie said...

And as for cheese in the oven... Take a brick of Havarti and wrap it in some Pepperidge Farms puff pastry dough. (found in a long box in the freezer section) Just use enough to cover it fully.

Smash the dough out some first - you can use the heel of your hand to make it thinner. Then bake it in a preheated 400 degree oven for a while til it's brown and oozy.

THEN, get out the Tricuits and I like some fig preserves with it. Mmmm....

Little Ms J said...

I must comment.


I have a list for you:

Shoes, specifically beautifully crafted sky high heels with peep toes or some angle on S&M (ankle straps, metal, buckles, whatevuh).

The #7 at Long John Silvers - takes me back home with hush puppies, cole slaw and fried chicken planks with vinegar. Hot grease delight.

The MAC counter at Nordstrom with a smoking debit card in hand.

A good book - I get transported far, far away.

My iPod and a long road or hot yoga. Sweat helps.

Lunch with the girls with lots of champagne and floating berries.

Laps at the pool. There is something about being underwater that soothes me, especially because you can't hear every day noises. Everything is muffled and otherworldly.

Booty music. White girls got some rhythm. Move over Beyonce.

PurpleClover said...

Oh yes, I forgot to add they vibrate too. They are VON-derful! Those are the same ones.

Here is a site with it:

But you may have to call or check each tanning salon's website in your area to see if they have one. Not a lot of cities have them. :(

I believe the steam and vibration is what burns the cals. Sigh. I need to go today!

Hardygirl said...

Okay, so I was about to say that the Stairmaster with a great instant download from Netflix is my favorite pick me up (next to Vodka, of course)--but why would I do that when there is DERMALIFE in the world?????

And, Katie, I feel sure you have called every spa and tanning bed place within a 100 mile radius, so I'll just wait for you to tell me what you've found. If there is no dermalife within two hours of us, I feel sure we can get ten friends to pitch in and buy one. We can keep it at my house, of course.

I also love tator tots and anything wrapped in bacon or covered in Snickers.

Shelli said...

a very dry dirty GreyGoose martini with extra olives.....or two. Cookie dough and a big spoon (I'm talking a ladel) and getting my toes done. all make me feel better.

PurpleClover said...

LOL, you guys are too funny. I will feel really bad if there is no Dermalife bed in your cities.

Katie said...

Clover, you know there is NO Dermalife here, but SF had a good idea about purchasing one.

I have laughed at SF saying "anything wrapped in bacon, or covered in snickers."


And I'm totally gonna order the #7 at Long John Silver's one of these days. We DO have a LJS right past the Wal-Mart Supercenter (which qualifies for the Mall here in little ol' Oxford.)

Suzanne Young said...

Best way I ever beat the blues was to take a 3000 mile RV trip with the fam.

To recreate it, you can lock yourself in a small room with your kids, blast the Disneychannel, let them throw popcorn on the floor and get gummy bears stuck to their clothes. Then look over a pile of laundry and pretend it's the grand canyon.

It's completely theraputic. :-)

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