Saturday, January 24, 2009

Katie - Bad A$$ Super Spy

I'm in movie mode lately. Perhaps it's because SF and I are writing, or maybe it's because I have a SICK addiction to trailers...(I'm not lying - I seriously do!) But I have been cracking up at a little dialogue I have going with Little Ms J. (who I don't know from Adam.) haha - Funny how you make friends in the blogging world.

Anyway, Ms. J thinks she would make a kick a$$ spy. As would I. We have discussed our desire to curve bullets like Angelina Jolie, and speak several languages like Sidney Bristow, and kung-fu fight bad guys without breaking a sweat like every great power girl. So, in our honor, I am posting some wicked cool new movie trailers that I have seen with adrenaline pumping.

SF's and my screenplay is NOT of this caliber. It's a romantic comedy/drama. But ANY movie watching helps me get in the groove. So enjoy.

The International

This one will have some cool planning and gadgets I think - and my favorite item, KISSING:


P.S. After writing this post, I went into my bedroom to change the sheets and I ripped them off with such super spy force that my elbow banged into the wall behind me and I crumbled on the floor in pain. Perhaps I'm not quite as tough as I thought I was...


Little Ms J said...

Can I just say yum?

The only guy you missed was Gerard Butler. I actually watched 300 this morning just to look at his stomach.

So, if we all do get our own definition of heaven as opposed to a harp or a dirt nap - I have come to the conclusion that my heaven will include Wolverine, whatever badass Clive plays best and Gerard from 300. We'll rove countrysides and metropolitan cities saving mortals. I will be super stealthy, but will feign weakness on occasion just to have one of them pick me up or clutch me close to them, muscles flexing.

You're more than welcome to visit!

Katie said...

Mmmm... yes, we forgot to discuss the need to "feign weakness" to encourage "muscle flexing" embraces...

Of course at that point, we could read minds or some other cool power.


Little Ms J said...

Well, you must see it immediately! I didn't L-O-V-E it because I'd prefer to be a spy as opposed to a Spartan soldier. It's like Braveheart meets Lord of The Rings, but they've all been to the gym. I don't know if I mentioned it previously but I love abs. Sidney Bristow's, Clive's, Wolverine's and my all time faves are Gerard Butler's in 300. Ree-diculous.

Hardygirl said...

Who ARE you people? I thought you were living your lives washed in the peaceful river of yoga.

Katie, remind me to hide my nunchucks next time you show up at my house. And, that picture of you is FIERCE.

PurpleClover said...

Okay my heaven includes:

I'm a double agent with Daniel Craig and his boy shorts.

I'm a villain in Gotham city fighting hand-to-hand combat with Christian Bale sans rubber suit (think Mr. and Mrs. Smith fight scene). Come to think of it I'm sure we could fit Brad Pitt into that scenario...he can be Robin.

PurpleClover said...

I know, you guys can work out the details for the screenplay and we'll cast ourselves opposite these men. I think that is a great idea. :)

I just might need to take an acting class or two. lol.

Little Ms J said...

There are shirtless UFC fighters in my yoga class! I'm quite sure I'm the only spy. The sheer bliss of yoga helps me catalogue all my hits and get focused on the next.

Irene Latham said...

Bring on the kissing! You are SO my kinda gal. :)

Katie said...

I have hesitated gettin' all sexy and lusty with this post, but what the heck.

Have you gals seen Daniel Craig in his first James Bond?

And if so, am I the only one here who would like him to lick my fingers too?

just sayin'...

Stephanie Perkins said...


Clive Owen + Kissing = Stephanie's very very very favorite kind of movie

I love trailers too, the kind that are so well-put together that they're their own little work of art. My current (upcoming) favorites are Waltz with Bashir, Watchmen, and Tim Burton's 9. My favorites-of-all-time are Adaptation, Garden State, and Marie Antoinette.

Sheesh. Nerd alert! Can you tell I think about this way too frequently?

PurpleClover said...

Yes, Daniel Craig was way more delicious in Casino Royale...where was the skin in Quantum of Solace?! WTH?!

Katie said...

Clover, (I have nicknamed you, which is a good sign :)
you are right on! Casino Royale FAR surpassed the second one in terms of greatness...

And Perk, (also my new nickname for Stephanie)
NERD ALERT central here! I go to every day and watch the newest ones. BUT, I have not seen Waltz with Bashir - so I must search for it. I saw Watchman, but didn't watch the trailer. shame on me!

I shall go do it now.

You gals have a fab day, ya hear?! (I am getting goofy over here)

Corey Schwartz said...

Katie, I am totally with you on the Daniel Craig thing! (in Casino Royale) Going to see him this weekend in Defiance.

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