Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Life is a Screenplay

Or should I just pitch a reality show of my life to an agent?

Or am I being presumptuous to think that my life is THAT interesting?

Katie and I are about to get kickin' on our screenplay.  It is a funny look at three women going through mid-life crises and all three are handling their aging in very different ways.  Although our screenplay is not autobiographical, like all good writing, snippets of our lives peek in and out of the storyline.  These women ask  a lot of "what ifs" as they deal with the realities of aging and life choices.

Did I mention that I'm hitting the BIG four-oh in about three months?  For some reason, over the last couple of months, this aging thing is hitting me.  Hard.  I've got a pretty long list of things I wanted to accomplish by the time I hit forty, and let's just say, I've got a busy three months ahead if I actually get to everything on that list.  I'm not complaining--life is good and I'm happy with where I am.  It's just . . . 

But wait--didn't Oprah say that fifty is the new forty?  Can I get an extension?  Ten years?  

And, at what age do I have to cut my long locks into the "menopause bob"?  

and wear "sensible shoes"?  

and switch from Zumba to "Sit and Be Fit"?



Suzanne Young said...

Oh, crap. I think I already have the menopause bob!!!

And you know, I can probably get into that sitting down and excercising stuff.... :)

Katie said...

40 wow. Thank goodness I am no where NEAR 40!!! haha Just kidding!

You don't look a day over 38. Kidding again! I just got back from hot yoga - so I'm a little giggly. and wiggly. hehe. I thought I saw you in the front row. It was PACKED.

See ya tomorrow for some revis-a-rama :)

Hardygirl said...

Suzanne, you do NOT have the menopause bob. It involves hot rollers and back-combing for a little height on top--followed by a can of Aqua-Net that will glue it into a crispy helmet.

And, I forgot to mention that I bought some fierce purple patent leather strappy shoes on sale the other day. They will have to be the substitute for my red mercedes mid-life-crisis convertible. Sigh.

Shelli said...

i had those shoes in the 90s during my corporate america stint. yikes. I got 2 more years but I can relate!

Little Ms J said...

Oprah is just trying to feel better about her station in life. The official ruling is, "Forty is the new thirty".

Hardygirl said...

Of course "thirty is the new forty".
What was I thinking to even say the word "fifty"???? Thank you Miss J for such a moment of clarity. I'm THIRTY, dammit.

Irene Latham said...

Keep the hair! All the fab actresses are doing it now... and yours is GORGEOUS. So looking forward to the screenplay!

cristen said...

hey--you'll be the coolest 40-yr-old around. are you having a party? anyone throwing you one? i had to throw myself a 30th party. definitely need to celebrate!

Hardygirl said...

Here's what I wonder-- When do you cross the line over from "cool" to "trying too hard"??

No parties! Although, I love that you threw yourself a bash.

What I really want is a weekend in NY. What I'll probably get is something practical like new tires for my van. Sigh.

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