Monday, January 5, 2009

Get to WORK!!!!!

Well, here it is . . . the day before my three girls go back to school.  I'm frantically trying to purge the house of all evidence of Christmas--tree droppings, garland, ribbons, glitter, and that dorky little elf that flies to Santa's workshop every night during December only to return to our house each morning in a different hiding place.  If I ever meet those women who wrote that elf book, I just might . . . nevermind.

We've had a crazy, fun holiday season with lots of friends, family, and drop-ins.  I feel like I've been on some kind of crazy spring break binge for weeks (and our house looks that way, too--except it's mostly littered with juice boxes and crushed candy canes instead of beer cans and cigarette cartons).

My WIP has been simmering untouched for a good month now, and I'm itching to get back to it. I can see it, completed, shimmering like a star out there in the big black sky.  I'm so close.  I know exactly what's going to happen.  I know how my characters are going to react.  I know how it's going to end.  I just have to flesh out some really important, really emotionally poignant parts of the story.  Yeah, I "just" have to do that.  

So, HAPPY 2009!  Let's get to work.



Katie said...

aahhhh.... the old Elf on a Shelf :-)

We actually do NOT have one, but Meg has BEGGED for one and I might just cave next year.

Bring on tomorrow and the kiddies first day of school! Meet me at my office and we'll write away the day :-)

Irene Latham said...

A friend gave me some advice that I turn to again and again when it seems like I'll never get to the end of a project: just hitch your wagon to TIME, do a little each day, and you will get there! For some reason it helps me not feel so overwhelmed. Or to blame when things go awry or life gets in the way. Just hitch that wagon to time, baby...
Btw, if you guys are traveling through Bham, you should stop for lunch on your way to/from Atlanta!

Katie said...

Ooo a B'ham pit stop sounds great Irene!

Christy Raedeke said...

Oh, that itch is a good thing! I'm an all-or-nothing writer; can't seem to get anything done when kids are out of school, so I had a good 3+ weeks off. And I felt the itch. And today I'm gonna scratch it!

Woohoo for having your end in sight!

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