Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Screenplay

In addition to getting agents, selling both KISS AND TELL and PAPER TIGER, and finishing our new WIP's (Katie's YA and SF's MG) SF and I are also going to finish revising and sell our killer screenplay this year!!!

Just sayin'

(Cracking knuckles)

2009 is going to be a monumental year. I can feel it.

P.S. I totally stole that "cracking knuckles" comment from Suzanne. 'Cuz I thought it was funny :-)


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I knew there was a reason we all *met*. I write screenplays, too! I'm working on a new treatment now for a very interested producer. A thriller which I've never attempted to write before, but he liked my pitch. I'm feeling the pressure to get it so good it'll grab him by the throat - but wouldn't it be UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME to sell a movie?!!

Here's to a fabulous 2009, girls!!!

P.S. Kickin' yoga picture, too, Katie. ;-D

Christy Raedeke said...

I'm so impressed that you write screenplays! I'm really intimidated by that format, don't think I could do it.

This is your year, girls! It's gonna happen.

Hardygirl said...

Crackin' knuckles! I'm in.


Katie said...

KGL!!!!!! That is so cool! Yes it seems we were truly meant to meet :-)

SF and I have had some recent developments that have pushed us to get crackin' on our movie. We actually had more contacts in the movie biz than the children's world when we started. Maybe we can start a little screenplay critique group? fun!

And Christy, of all the people who could DEF write a screenplay, it's YOU sista! Thanks for all of the positive encouragement!

SF, looks like I'll see ya this week...

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

That's SO interesting. My crit partner here in Albuquerque, Carolee Dean, who just sold her second YA started out in screenplays, too.

I just got an email from Sarah Frances about reading scripts for each other. I'll email her back and copy your gmail in, too. How does that sound?

Stephanie Perkins said...

Hi Katie!

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog today :) And . . .

OF COURSE you're getting agents. OF COURSE you're selling the novels. And OF COURSE you're going to sell your killer screenplay!

YAY! Here's to 2009!

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